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May 13

10 Party Houses with Amazing Gardens


Some might say a home is not complete without a great garden to accompany it. A house that leads into a lush garden with plenty of space to run and relax bring back some of the best memories. Gardens are an amazing feature to have for any holiday let and these houses to rent with big gardens are absolutely spectacular.

Sit in the garden and meditate, talk a walk through the paths, have a cup of tea under the trees, let the kids run around and play and enjoy the beautiful scenery right outside your doorstep. Can you imagine the photos you’ll take with stunning rose bushes and wildflowers in the background?

Here are some of our favourite houses to rent with amazing gardens.


10.Villa Arroyo

Andalusia, Spain | Sleeps 12 | 7 Bedrooms | Private Pool 

Experience a whole new type of garden in this Mediterranean escape. Walk along a lavender path and enjoy a sunset palette.


9.Villa Rio

Andalucia, Spain | Sleeps 10 | 5 Bedrooms | Private Pool 

There is just something about Spain that makes the colours a little more vivid. Have a cafe con leche on the terrace and gaze at the green.


8. Catweazle Manor

venues with beautiful gardens

South East, Henley-on-Thames | Sleeps up to 18 | 9 Bedrooms | Large Reception Rooms 

This beautiful manor house close to London comes with lots of quirky features throughout the house and spacious gardens outside.


7. Oaktree Hideaway

South East, Henley-on-Thames | Sleeps 16 | 8 Bedrooms | Wedding License | Cinema Room

We think we’ve seen this exact garden in our favourite childhood fairytale…While we can’t quite put a pin on it, we know it’s the perfect backdrop for every wedding photo. So dreamy!!


6. St Andrews House

Scotland, St Andrews| Sleeps 10 | 5 Bedrooms | Hot Tub | Golf Course 

Is that a brick grill in the background? Why yes it is. Enjoy a beautiful outdoor dinner in the fresh air.


5. Silvercoast Mansion

Midlands, Skegness | Sleeps 21 | 11 Bedrooms | Tennis Court | Indoor Pool 

We’re pretty sure this is where the Secret Garden was filmed. Well, not exactly but it still is an amazing, shady space for summer picnics and hide-and-seek.


4. Kington Lodge

Midlands, Lyonshall | Sleeps up to 38 | 8 Bedrooms | Private Pool  

Not pictured: the massive pool and outdoor seating right next to this garden. Take a light jog through the gardens, and cool off by jumping in the pool.

3. Kings Ride Manor

South East, Kings Ride | Sleeps 28 | 10 Bedrooms | Private Pool

What’s not to love about this amazing backyard! It has a pond, a pool, a patio, trees and plenty of green, green grass.  Does anyone fancy a game of polo?


2. Greenwood Estate

South East | Sleeps up to 63 | 22 Bedrooms | Jacuzzi and Swimming Pool 

Our inner child is telling us this is the perfect garden. And their right. This grand estate has plenty of room to run, play and explore.


1. Roaches Hall

Midlands, Peak District | Sleeps 30 | 10 Bedrooms | Hot Tub Hire

Maybe the best garden is the one created by nature. We love how the lawn of Roaches flows into the forest nature of the Peak Distrtict. Now that’s a garden.



See a house you can’t resist? Let us know!

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