Jun 25

The Importance of Wedding Anniversaries

Celebrating Wedding Anniversaries is important
Celebrating Wedding Anniversaries is important

Should you spend more on your 25th Wedding Anniversary than on your Wedding?

A friend of mine is planning the mother of all Silver Wedding Anniversary parties next year. She was fairly young when she got married, without lots of money, and saving for a house deposit. I guess that sums up most of the current generation of newly weds and engaged couples too.


So her wedding was a fabulous day, but undertaken on a budget. 25 years on and with a little more finance, they are going to have a renewal of their vows and the wedding party (and dress!) they couldn’t afford originally.


This got me thinking. With so many marriages breaking down, is it simply more important to celebrate decades of successful partnership, than the original decision to get wed? It certainly is much more of an achievement!


So here’s to all of you enjoying long marriages. Be proud of your achievement and maybe hold that party. Invite all your friends and family and celebrate your enduring love publically!



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