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If you love interesting architecture, Party Houses has a variety of halls, manors and barns in which you can stay on an exclusive use basis for large groups. Go back in time while staying in one of our historic houses for rent filled with lots of character. The retained original features combined with modern facilities are awe-inspiring and ensure your comfort at all times.

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Our Historic houses for rent

TOFT HALL (Sleeps 20)


The listed Toft Hall is a Jacobean manor house dating back, experts believe, to approximately 1590. It is full of fabulous architectural features such as old beams, wattle and daub panels and some low doorways. Built of local stone, it is one of the few surviving historic houses for rent in the district with a cruck frame. Interestingly, you can see where the roof has been raised at some point in history with the addition of extra oak beams making the second floor higher.

If you look carefully, some of the purlins have a faint red paint on them – perhaps decoration from previous servants who lived in the top floor rooms? Other changes have taken place over time – you can see where the original mullion windows (still on the top floor) have been replaced with more fashionable Georgian sashes on the lower floors. And one of the windows at the front of the house is false – a result of the window tax! It has a fascinating history, William Arnott, the High Sheriff of Staffordshire lived here for any years.

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If you prefer your architecture interesting, but with a more open feel, you can choose to stay in one Party House’s converted stone barns. Within the curtilage of Toft Hall, we have Chels Barn and Toft Barn. Again, both are constructed from the gorgeous pink local stone and they too are both listed buildings.


Toft Barn in particular is believed to be very old – maybe 300 years plus. The stonework at the rear of the barn has very small cut stones and is majestically wonky! Both Toft Barn and Chels Barn as well as Party Houses Hamps Barn and Merrymeet have oak beams – so very different to today’s modern construction.

HAMPS HALL & BARN (Sleeps 40)


For a completely different feel again, Hamps Hall is a fantastic converted farmhouse. Built after a fire destroyed the original farmhouse, it is mainly of Victorian construction. However, it is the vernacular of a local farmhouse rather than a grand high ceiling Victorian Hall. It has a much more intimate feel, with lower ceilings and more cosy rooms. Again, it is of local stone construction and has many beams showing in the top floor rooms.


Connected to the Hall side, you will find Hamps Barn, a historic house for rent with quality fittings and fixtures. The highlight is the 50-foot long living room featuring exposed beams, chandeliers, and oak flooring which are perfectly combined with contemporary features like underfloor heating. If you are looking at travelling back in time in one of our historic houses for rent with modern day facilities, this one’s it!

Historic houses for rent

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ROACHES HALL (Sleeps 30)


For yet another contrast, Party Houses Roaches Hall is the epitome of a small manor house. It was built in 1876 as a gentlemen’s residence for a leading local businessman who owned silk mills. Roaches Hall has high ceilings, huge windows and a spacious entrance hall. All designed to impress!


Until the 1930’s it had a third floor, but local legend has it that this was removed by the owners, Sir Philip Brocklehurst and his brother Courtney, so they could better enjoy the fabulous views from their roof terrace! They had a mini zoo of animals provided by the Zoological Society of London, where Philip was a Director. Apparently this included Yaks, Bison and Wallabies (who lived wild on the Roaches Rocks for many decades – only dying out recently).

So whatever your preference; Halls, Manors or Barns; bring your friends and family or business colleagues to stay at Party Houses and experience these wonderful architectural delights for yourself! If you have any questions, please call us on 01273271332 so our friendly team can help.

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