Family Friendly Holidays in the UK

Looking to escape the daily rush of life? Looking for some extra quality time with the kids? Welcome to Party Houses… With child-friendly venues dotted all over the UK, from city breaks to countryside locations, our venues offer guests the perfect environment for bonding and and relaxing. Take a break from your electronics, turn off the TV, and take your time to explore the unknown! Party Houses also boasts many venues that house games rooms; go head to head in a game of foosball, throw some darts… we like to call it team building!

Getting away from the bustle of the work life can help alleviate stress. Those looking for a family-friendly holiday, a holiday of relaxation, an excuse to make long lasting memories with your loved ones… look no further!

Family-friendly Party Houses

Child-friendly party houses

Family friendly party houses

Family Friendly Holidays with Party Houses

Party Houses boasts many characteristics that makes it stand out from the rest… The accommodations that we provide are always suited perfectly to the guests needs and desires. Families looking for fun have a variety of accommodations to choose from, planning a movie night? Party Houses works with many accommodations fitting with top 0f the range cinema rooms, Smart TVs, DVD players, projectors, high-end sound systems, and much more!

Those looking for competition have a range of board games to choose from, alongside this guests will find that many of our properties come equipped with games room! Yes that’s right… A whole games room! Table tennis, table football, pool, even an Xbox snug, and much more. Party Houses too provides a variety of locations that are also pet-friendly, the whole family is invited!

Our family-friendly holidays and properties strive to provide guests with the all-needed break and recharge of batteries. To further reduce stress, our venues are extremely easy to access! With venues located all over the UK, guests can pick a place that suits them best.


In most of our Party Houses, you will find games rooms ranging from table tennis to table football, and darts a wide variety of board games. You will also find Xbox snugs, swimming pools, and outdoor play areas and gardens


Many of our houses provide you with that serene countryside glee and all of them come with access to several of England’s attractions like castles, museums, historic sights like battlefields and also theme parks


All of our houses are homey, and take the role of a home away from home. Each house has a comforting environment thanks to facilities like fire burning stoves, fully-equipped kitchens, comfy sofas, and much more


What better way to get your family together than hiring a Party House, spending a quality weekend with your loved ones (including your furry friends), and making life lasting memories. Party Houses offer a range of self-catering venues around the UK, suited for all sized families, so all you need to do is pick the perfect house, and let us help you with the rest.

With so much to do in the local areas of our houses, we’re positive there’s something for everyone, no matter the age! Why not explore the lovely local area, practice pottery/cocktail/chocolate making, or even thrill seek, all less than 30 minutes away from your chosen house?

For more information on activities and excursions, visit our ‘Experiences‘ page.


We want to make sure you can invite the whole family. Hence, a number of our properties also cater to the people with mobility limitations with wheelchair ramps, as well as downstairs bathrooms and toilets. Also, take a look at wheelchair-accessible paths near your family friendly holiday venue.

So why not enjoy the walks of the beautiful Midlands & The Peak District, the sea breeze of the South West, get away from the big city life in the South East, or the natural diversity of Wales? No matter what type of family friendly holidays you’re organizing, we will be happy to help you find the right Party Houses for you! Our large group accommodation was perfectly designed for large family holidays in the UK.

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