Christmas and New Year

Everyone loves that time of the year when the nights get cosier and the streets are beautifully decorated with lights. People scurrying around in search for the perfect presents while feeling that inevitable Christmas feeling of glee. It’s the time of the year where the entire family comes together and we all want to make this year to be even more fun than the last. The holiday season is the perfect opportunity for you to create some memories to cherish. From festive decorations to the excitement that comes with opening presents, you and your loved ones are sure to get into the spirit of Christmas. Not to mention the unlimited amounts of delicious food and wine that accompanies this wonderful time of the year. Make this year’s celebrations truly special by renting a holiday venue and bringing the whole family under one roof to create a get-together you will remember for years to come.

No matter where in the UK you’re coming from or where you’d like to travel to, you’ll be able to find a house that fits you just right. You can choose form venues in the South EastSouth WestMidlands and the Peak DistrictWalesNorth and Scotland. If you’d be interested in celebrating this Christmas and New Years Eve somewhere warmer, we also have venues in Spain.



Christmas & NYE

Available Christmas & New Year's Eve Party Houses

Gin Lodge

Gin Lodge

Sleeps: up to 12 | Bedrooms: 2 |York

New Year 2019: 2-night: £2,600

Littlelane Lodge

New Year's Eve venues

Sleeps: 12 | Bedrooms: 2 | Warwickshire

Christmas 2020: £2499

New Year 2020: £2499

Pulborough Hall

Pulborough hall

Sleeps: 12 | Bedrooms: 4 | Hardham Hill

Christmas 2019: 3-night: £2,000 + £200 per extra night

Pulborough Mill House

Pulborough Mill House

Sleeps: 15 | Bedrooms: 4 | Hardham Hill

Christmas 2019: 3-night: £2,000 + £200 per extra night


Christmas Party Houses

Sleeps: 16 | Bedrooms: 7 | Peak District

New Year 2020: 4-night: £3,000

Timberlane House

New Year accommodation UK

Sleeps: 16 | Bedrooms: 6 | Warwickshire

Christmas 2020: 7-night: £3,699

New Year 2020: 7-night: £3,699

Please note that you can stay for less than 7 days for the same price

Skylark Hall

Skylark Hall

Sleeps: 17 | Bedrooms: 9 | Pricetown

Christmas 2019: 3-night: £5,500

Ivystone House

Ivystone Hosue

Sleeps: up to 17 | Bedrooms: 7 | Chipping Sodbury

New Year 2019: 2-night: £3,800 for 14 + £90pp

Toft Hall

Christmas house to rent

Sleeps: 20 | Bedrooms: 10 | Macclesfield

Christmas 2019: 4-night: £2,500

Magnolia Apartment

Magnolia Apartment

Sleeps: 20 | Bedrooms: 5 | Edinburgh

Christmas 2019: 2-night: £2,200

Beaufort Apartment

Beaufort Apartment

Sleeps: 20 | Bedrooms: 2 | Edinburgh

Christmas 2019: 2-night: £3,200

Upper Denton House

christmas accommodation

Sleeps: 21 | Bedrooms: 9 | Cumbria

New Year 2020: £5,300

Charnwood South Wing

New years eve venues

Sleeps: 21 | Bedrooms: 8 | Loughborough

New Year 2019: 3-night: £5,018

Pulborough Barn

Pulborough Barn

Sleeps: up to 21 | Bedrooms: 5 | Hardham Hill

Christmas 2019: 3-night: £1,400 + £500 for the Airstream Caravan

Lyonshall House

new year party venues

Sleeps: 22 | Bedrooms: 8 | Herefordshire

New Year 2020: 4-night: £3,500

Waverly Apartment

Waverly Apartment

Sleeps: 22 | Bedrooms: 5 | Edinburgh

Christmas 2019: 2-night: £1,800

New Year 2019: 2-night:£4400

Haymarket Townhouse

Haymarket Townhouse

Sleeps: 22 | Bedrooms: 7 | Edinburgh

Christmas 2019: 4-night: £3,600

Westbury Manor

Westbury Manor

Sleeps: 22 | Bedrooms: 7 | Westbury on Severn

New Year 2019: 3-night: £4,000

Charnwood West Wing

Christmas Party Houses

Sleeps: 23 | Bedrooms: 7 | Loughborough

Christmas 2019: 5-night: £6,534

New Year 2019: 3-night: £5,018

Alpaca Farmhouse

Unique christmas venue

Sleeps: up to 24 | Bedrooms: 8 | South Yorkshire

Christmas 2020: 3-night: £5,700

New Year 2020: 3-night: £5,700

Deer Lodge

Deer Lodge

Sleeps: up to 24 | Bedrooms: 11 |Highlands

Christmas 2019: 7-night: £6,500

New Year 2019: 7-night: £5,800

Greenlane House

new years eve venues

Sleeps: up to 25 | Bedrooms: 10 | Warwickshire

Christmas 2020: £5,499

New Year 2020: £5,499

Appletree Country House

Christmas houses to rent

Sleeps: up to 26 | Bedrooms: 8 | Derbyshire

Christmas 2020: £5,695

New Year 2020: £5,695

Kings Ride Manor

Christmas Party Houses

Sleeps: 28 | Bedrooms: 10 | South East

Christmas 2019: 2-night: £12,000

Pennines Country House

Christmas homes for rent UK

Sleeps: up to 30 | Bedrooms: 9 | West Yorkshire

Christmas 2020: 4-night: £7,100

New Year 2020: 4-night: £7,100

Henllan House

Henllan House

Sleeps: up to 30 | Bedrooms: 10 |Denbigh

Christmas 2020: 3-night: £5,900

New Year 2020: 3-night £6,900

Extra nights – £500 per day

Marilyn’s Townhouse

Marilyn's Townhouse

Sleeps: 30 | Bedrooms: 8 | Edinburgh

Christmas 2019: 2-night: £2,250

New Year 2019: 2-night: 6,000

Macloed Apartment

Macloed Apartment

Sleeps: 30 | Bedrooms: 5 | Edinburgh

Christmas 2019: 2-night: £2,250

Bradshaw Hall

christmas party housesSleeps: 30 | Bedrooms: 9 | North

Christmas 2020: 4-night: £7,100

New Year 2020: 4-night: £7,100

Elmore Grove

New Year Party Houses

Sleeps: up to 32 | Bedrooms: 9 | Gloucestershire

Christmas 2020: 7-night: £11,450; 5-night: £10,000

The above prices apply for 26 guests

Kington Lodge

party houses for rent

Sleeps: up to 38 | Bedrooms: 8 | Herefordshire

Christmas 2019: 2-night: £2,250

New Year 20204-night: £4,500

Charnwood Forest Estate

Christmas Party Houses

Sleeps: 40 | Bedrooms: 15 | Loughborough

Christmas 2019: 3-night: £13,380

Feel at Home

If you are looking for Christmas Party Houses or UK venues for celebrating New Yeas Eve, look no further! Lots of our Party Houses have a joyous touch, and are decorated with Christmas trees. Feel free to bring your own decorations to make it homier. The best part about celebrating these special occasions at a Party House is the fact that you can treat your loved ones to a special stay and induce that holiday mood. You could also use the time off to discover a new part of the UK. Spend your evenings snuggling in front of the open fireplaces with some hot cocoa or play some board games followed by a happy-feel classic Christmas movie.

You can expect to wake up to refreshing views of the serene British countryside while sipping your coffee in your PJs. Feel free to host a party with loud music as many of our Party Houses for Christmas and NYE feature high-quality sound systems.You will be delighted to know that lots of our Party Houses come already decorated and welcome your pets so all family members can celebrate the holidays together.


From cosy fireplaces and central heating to floor warmers, our Party Houses are designed to keep you cosy


Lots of our houses welcome your canine best friends and so feel free to give your pets a holiday of their own


Take this opportunity to get into a holiday mood with your loved ones and make this holiday memorable


Our UK venues for New Year’s Eve are the perfect choice if you’re ready for a party. Stay just for a couple of nights or celebrate a whole New Year’s Eve week if you feel like it! Since you will be in the undisturbed countryside with your favourite company, you will be able to have the perfect balance of relaxation and fun. Our Party Houses can accommodate between 10-70 guests, so depending on the size of your group, you can choose the house that fits you the best.  After the big New Year party, you can enjoy a hearty breakfast while reliving the memories from the night before.

During your stay, you are more than welcome to explore the local area, walk around, cycle, hike, go fishing or horse riding. There are plenty of activities and ideas to be enjoyed onsite and in the local area of our UK venues for New Year’s Eve.

Christmas - reception room

Victorian Rectory


If necessary, caterers can be organised so you can relax and not worry about cooking or washing up. We have several catering partners who use locally produced ingredients to serve delicious food.

In most of our Party Houses for Christmas and UK venues for New Year’s Eve, you can expect to find games rooms, tennis courts, hot tubs, open fireplaces, underfloor heating, plenty of indoor and outdoor space, snooker tables, billiards tables, disco rooms, gorgeous views, and much more! All houses come with big and cosy living rooms, comfortable bedrooms with warm duvets and cotton linens. Book now and spend your holidays in a truly special manner!

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