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chinese-new-year london
Feb 09

Incredible Events Around the UK in February 2018


Who said that February is a boring month? In February 2018 celebrate Chinese New Year’s in London, watch dramatic historical reenactments at the Viking Festival in York, visit Liverpool and see one of the biggest discoveries of today, the Terracotta Warriors, explore the red line between the contemporary digital innovations and artistic expression in Manchester, and […]

Feb 02

Valentine’s Day 2018


The most romantic day 24 hours of the year are just around the corner. Chocolates, roses, wine, a delicious meal, time reserved just for your partner… Valentine’s day sounds incredible, unless you’re single that is. Then you need a whole other strategy. Whether you’re in a relationship or single, we have some wonderful ideas on […]

theme party
Jan 19

Theme Party Ideas


Everybody loves a good party. Whether you’re planning a birthday party, an event, celebration, or you’re throwing a party just because, a good theme could bring it to a whole new level. Bring your guests on a journey by asking them to dress up and spice up the event with music, finger foods and dance […]

Jan 12

Regenerate Your Body with some Fresh Healthy Habits


Christmas holidays are the best! From the constant supply of delicious meals to spending quality time with your loved ones, we’ll always welcome the holidays with open arms. As lovely as they are, they do however leave our bodies a bit overwhelmed. So why not counter all the tasty cookies, glasses of wine and champagne, […]

Escame games events
Jan 04

New Competition Ahead – Win an Escape Event


Escape Game Events is the UK’s leading mobile escape room activity provider which will bring an escape room challenge straight to your Party House! Created by two highly experienced and creative events managers, the company uplifted traditional scape room concepts and offers a range of different escape events. You’ll be able to choose between game […]

Jan 02

Fantastic Events Around the UK in January 2018


Even thought the holiday season may be over, that doesn’t mean that the fun has to end! There’s a number of really fun events happening in January 2018 all over the UK so make sure to take a look and get inspired.   Hogwarts in the Snow   Hogwarts in the Snow at the Warner Bros. […]

Jan 02

Celebrate Your Birthday at Party Houses


Is your birthday approaching but you still don’t have a clue on how to organise it? Have this a read and we’re sure you’ll find the answers following these easy steps!   Number of guests Step one, decide on who to invite. Here, choose between two options: either invite everyone you know and like hanging […]

Christmas DIY
Dec 18

Wonderful Christmas DIYs for Extra Special Holidays


Christmas is just around the corner. And while some of people have already put their decorations up at the beginning of the month, some of us are still in the party planning process. This year we decided to get creative and make our very own Christmas decorations. After many hours of research and trying out […]

Dec 01

Win Harness Sphering with Madrenaline Activities


If you’re a fan of our Party Houses it must mean that you have an adventurer’s heart and love for nature. You probably enjoy staying in unique venues, exploring different rural areas of natural beauty, and have fun doing  activities which get your blood pumping. Therefore, we’re positive you’ll be happy to hear that for […]

Christmas Markets
Nov 17

Christmas Fever in the Peak District


Tick Tock Tick Tock… Time is passing so quickly. Yes, it’s true! Christmas is just around the corner! The most heart warming holiday of the year is just a few weeks away. And aren’t we all in need of a getaway from our daily routines? A getaway which is all about family and friends, valuable gifts, […]

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