Apr 09

The Ultimate Game of Thrones Viewing Party Venues


Season 8 is coming…  And we can’t believe it’s finally here.     At Party Houses, we’re getting ready as quickly as we can. Rewatching episodes, reviewing plot scenes, trying to connect all of our favorite characters (both dead and alive) and of course, completely immersing ourselves into the realm of Westeros & Essos.  In […]

Apr 08

Win a FREE bottle of wine!


Who can say no to that? Enter for your chance to win a FREE bottle of wine! We’ve teamed up with our partners at Peak Wine to bring you this months giveaway. What better way to celebrate any occasion than with a beautiful bouquet of oak, floral and earthy notes? Ingrid and Chris have been […]

essential oil aroma
Mar 29

Essential Oils: An ‘Essential’ part of your home


You guessed it! Essential oils are a great household item to keep your home feeling fresh and smelling amazing.  While essential oils have multiple uses, from aromatherapy,  relieving pain and reducing pimples, our favourite way to use essential oils is freshening up a home. Create a lovely relaxing environment by letting the essential oils fill […]

Team building
Mar 19

3 Team Building Activities Your Employees Will Love


Oh, the semi-annual company retreat. An effort made by spritely HR staff for employees to escape from the office, rekindle the bonds between desks and create a more effective and collaborative working environment. While George and Janette are simply bubbling with excitement, you can’t help but notice a few in the office who just roll […]

march giveaway
Mar 08

Win the Perfect Hen or Stag Party Activity


Looking for an unforgettable experience filled with laughter, friends and great dance moves? Well, here’s your chance! EpicMe and Party Houses are partnering up to offer you a £50 Voucher on your next party booking. Grab your friends and shake it while you learn all your favorite dance moves and tricks, from death drops to jazz […]

bank holiday ideas
Mar 04

Bank Holiday Weekend Inspiration in 2019


The spring is ‘springing’ on us faster than we thought. (Not that we’re complaining.) But as the jackets come off and the sunglasses come on, we are scrambling to make plans for the upcoming bank holiday weekend. Don’t worry just yet, there is still plenty of time left to plan. If you are still looking […]

Feb 20

Why it’s time to reconnect with nature


Get back in touch with Mother Earth Our bodies are composed of the same minerals and nutrients that the earth is composed of so, it’s only natural we make time to reconnect with the great outdoors and appreciate the environment around us. In today’s world, it is easy for us to get caught up in […]

4 Alternative ways-compressed
Feb 14

4 Alternative Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day


This iconic day filled with roses, chocolates, candles, and candies can leave some feeling hopelessly romantic, head over heels, or maybe just a little bitter. Valentine’s day is an occasion to embrace love for everyone and there are always different ways to express that love! For those of you who don’t have any romantic plans […]

Win a $50 Voucher
Feb 04

Win a £50 Voucher with Food by Anthony


Enter for your chance to win! Party Houses and Food by Anthony are partnering up to give you the opportunity to win a £50 voucher on your next private chef services! Anthony Dalton offers professional personal chef service for dinner parties and special occasions, providing memorable meals and evenings.  His wide range of styles, including his […]

5 vegan recipes
Jan 24

5 Surprisingly Simple Vegan Recipes


If there’s one word that comes to mind when preparing vegan recipes it’s most likely the word, complicated. Just a few too many vegan recipes online and on blogs require specific and strange ingredients like Aquafaba or Irish sea moss.  (Where do you even buy these things?)  But fear not, we’ve compiled a list of […]

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