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Jul 25

Yoga Retreat in the UK Countryside


Over the years, yoga practice has become increasingly popular as it is became commonly known to effectively alleviate stress. Not only does it facilitate weight loss, but it also gives the individual a chance to reconnect with their inner self. The benefits of yoga are innumerable, and there is plenty of evidence to support it. You can easily practice yoga at home by watching video tutorials or by using a guided app. This makes it a very convenient exercise as well. A yoga retreat, however, can take yoga experience to a much deeper level. As the yoga enthusiasts know, a yoga retreat is always a fun and beneficial getaway.

Yoga is more than just a workout as it increases flexibility, improves balance, reduces joint pain, leads to better sleep, relaxes, improves the immune system, increases confidence, muscle tone and strength. Additionally, through your yoga practice, you’ll be able to gain more control over your body and mind.

If you are considering a yoga retreat to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and relax, take a look at our Party Houses which are in exceptional locations in the UK countryside. These gorgeous properties are sufficiently secluded, and yet easily accessible. Thus, you do not have to spend too long travelling, and yet you can have the serenity you desire.

Although there are many benefits to yoga retreats in the UK, we decided to focus on 6 of our favourites:


1. Disconnecting in nature

Being in the countryside can clear your mind while the calmness will relieve you of your stress. Moreover, nature is the perfect setting for yoga practices. Enjoy your undisturbed sessions in midst of acres of gardens. Many of our Party Houses are nestled within lawns and parklands. You will be able to practice your favourite yoga poses uninterrupted in these stunning properties.


yoga class outdoors


2. Digital detox

The internet and smartphones have taken over our lives and disconnecting from technology is another key benefit of any yoga retreat. Eat well, stay healthy, and keep your mind clear by having a weekend away from your electronic devices.


3. Clearing your mind

Get away from your daily life, and stop the constant thoughts about what you have to do next. Instead, you can take the time for yourself and reconnect with your thoughts. You’ll have the time to think about all the things you’re grateful for, create the mindset you want, and set the goals you want to achieve.


4. Positive energy with new friends

Being away from home, in a beautiful property, with like-minded people, is sure to fill you with positive vibes along with making friendships with all the wonderful people you’ll be sharing this experience with.


Yoga class women


5. Get some rest

A yoga retreat is somewhat like a vacation but without having to run around after your kids or sightsee. Instead, yoga retreats are focused on your mental and physical health in order to centre you.


6. Return rejuvenated

Once you return from your yoga retreat, you will feel revived and happy. You will have had time for your brain to relax and recharge your batteries so you can get back to your everyday life with a clear head and be more productive.

With swimming pools, treatment rooms & spas, spacious multipurpose reception rooms, breathtaking views, enormous lawns and gardens, and the perfect amount of seclusion, our Party Houses provide you with great options for yoga retreats in the UK and give you the classic British countryside experience.

Practising yoga on an everyday basis is something that a lot of individuals opt for. A yoga getaway is a wonderful option for everyone who’s willing to give it a try. We would love to lend you a hand in organising your next yoga retreat and help connect like-minded people under one roof. So pack your yoga mats and let’s get together for a healthy yoga vacation!


yoga men


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Win A treasure hunt!
Jul 11

Win a Treasure Hunt in the Peak District!


Do you want an adventurous corporate team building activity organised in a magical place? If so, this month’s competition is sure to put a smile on your face. PeaksGo is offering you an opportunity to experience an extremely fun treasure hunt in the Peak District. 

PeaksGo are a unique activity company offering an ideal retreat from the hectic city lifestyle. They specialise in fun outdoor activities that will not only give you a breath of fresh air but also plenty of opportunity for you and the people in your group to connect and enjoy their time together by creating new memories. Moreover, a treasure hunt in the Peak District will be out of your working environment. This will serve as an effective icebreaker and you can enjoy a fun outdoor activity to facilitate corporate team building.


Treasure hunt in the Peak District


This Peak District activity provider is known for their good old fun treasure hunts which will awaken your spirit of adventure by encouraging you to explore the local area and discover something new. PeaksGo will organise your corporate team building so that your team is required to work closely together to achieve a common goal. Alternatively, you can split up your team into two groups and have them compete against each other for some extra fun competition.

In the age of smartphones and the internet, a treasure hunt in the Peak District sounds blissful. You can explore the magical area away from your daily distractions and at the same time alleviating stress. Not only will it spur the adventurous side in you, but you will return with a greater sense of togetherness. This will result in a healthy cooperate team building activity, mainly because it is so different. When your team finds the treasure, they will be proud because of their achievement. Additionally, the memories filled with laughter will give everyone something to talk about even during lunch breaks in the future! 

Why not have a whole weekend getaway instead of merely a daytime activity? Plan a corporate team building in one of our Party Houses, and our partner, PeaksGo, will organise a legendary treasure hunt in the Peak District. Enjoy every inch of this super fun activity, and return to one of our comfortable houses for a good nights sleep. The next morning during breakfast, relive the memories while bonding with your coworkers! In addition, many of our Party Houses have facilities like swimming pools, hot tubs, tennis courts, meeting rooms, spas, etc. which can be utilised to relax, socialise or party the next day.


Treasure hunt in the Peak District


The PeaksGo team will be happy to organise a tailor-made event for you and your team. They will also adapt it to your preferences, preferred intensity level, and budget. You’ll love the bespoke and hand-drawn treasure maps, exploring the area to find your treasure and the friendly team who will be with you throughout to provide support to your team. With some bright minds and quick feet, we’re sure you’ll find your treasure after which you’ll receive a team photo or a certificate to confirm your achievement. You can finish your treasure hunt in a tea room or a local pub and share some laughs over the lovely challenge that your team experienced.

In addition to the treasure hunts, PeaksGo also offer a number of other events such as Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Canoeing, or they can help you with the Accommodation, Catering, Transportation and more.


What are the optional extras? 


Catering once the treasure hunt is finished

Professional video and photography of your day

Mountain biking/Rock climbing/Canoeing and many more

Transportation/Accommodation/Evening meals

Motivational and other speakers


Treasure hunt in the Peak District

What do I win and how?

PeaksGo are offering a free treasure hunt for 20 people which is usually worth £500-£700. All you have to do to win is feed in your details below and sign up. Do not miss out on this super easy win! Grasp this wonderful opportunity to enhance the relationship between you and your colleagues. Whatever you require we will ensure that your Treasure Hunt is one to remember!


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party houses to rent
Jun 05

Top 10 Party Houses to Rent in the UK


We understand that planning a party can get confusing, especially trying to organise one that will leave your guests mesmerised and chatting about it. Everyone wants their special day to stand out of the ordinary. Not only do our Party Houses to rent offer greatly entertaining indoor & outdoor activities but they combine these with the most breathtaking properties. Therefore, you’ll be sure to find something great if you’re planning a wedding, hen party, stag do, anniversary, birthday or corporate team buildings. All these venues come with unique features and quirks, making sure to give you the experience you desire.

We’ve assembled a list of our Top 10 Party Houses to rent in the UK. You’ll be able to choose between big manors, historical halls, a converted church and a luxurious yacht. Whether you’re looking to host an event in central London, you’d like to explore the breathtaking Scottish lakes with your friends, or are looking to take your family and pets to a beautiful rural retreat surrounded by gorgeous walking paths, we’re positive you’ll find at least a couple of inspiring venues below.


10. Rodhuish Manor

Rodhuish Manor

Location: Somerset

Sleeps: 70

Rodhuish Manor is one of our biggest Party Houses to rent and with its 19 bedrooms represents the perfect venue for larger celebrations. Enjoy with your friends and family the outdoor heated pool or have champagne in the jacuzzi that this pet-friendly manor boasts! The lounge and bar of this Party House are perfect for evening drinks, or take advantage of the ballroom and dance the night away!


9. Charnwood Forest Estate

Charnwood Forest Estate


Sleeps: 48

Charnwood Forest Estate is a true Party House, with its boutique French chic decor making it ideal for big house parties, family celebrations and friend reunions. This property consists of two wings, The South Wing and West Wing, each sleeping 24 guests, making it really popular also with hen and stag parties. This serene beauty spread over 13 acres of the Midlands land will shower you with entertainment – indoor pool, hot tub, treatment suite, complimentary concierge service & a dance/yoga studio with qualified instructors. It is definitely a great way to share precious moments with your friends and family!


8. Hamps Hall & Barn

Hamps Hall and Barn

Location: Peak District

Sleeps: 40

Hamps Hall and Barn is a large accommodation with great prices all year round. This Peak District venue represents the perfect escape to relax in the countryside. Socialise by having barbecues, enjoy the game room, or dance all night by taking advantage of the Barn’s spacious dining and living area. This large group accommodation for rent features 18 individual bedrooms. There’s also an Xbox snug room so your kids can stay entertained while you enjoy a good book from its library! Spend your time taking long walks in the beautiful Peak District, cooking delicious meals in either of the two granite-topped kitchens and enjoy a memorable weekend!


7. Ben Lomond Manor

Ben Lomond Manor

Location: Loch Tay, Scotland

Sleeps: 21

Ben Lomond Manor is one of the most luxurious Party Houses in Scotland and is apt for just about any celebration or getaway. After getting a fantastic sleep in one of its 9 bedrooms, you’ll love having fun conversations with your loved ones in either of the two unique and spacious reception rooms. Later, make a few bowls of popcorn and invite your guests to a movie night with its 126-inch screen private cinema room. Spend your second evening relaxing outside by sipping some local wine in the 7-seater outdoor hot tub with a stunning lake view. Or if you prefer, have a couple of beers from the handcrafted bar while playing pool in the games room.


6. Roaches Hall

Roaches Hall

Location: Peak District

Sleeps: 30

For all the nature and history lovers, Roaches Hall is a large group accommodation for rent that offers you the perfect ‘get away from it all’. Huddled under the famous rocks of The Roaches, you can enjoy a serene stroll in the area and reaching fantastic views of the lakes and valleys below. The gorgeous views from its two reception rooms and 13 bedrooms will leave you mesmerised and peaceful. You can also curl up with your loved ones and watch a movie on the 50-inch TV. With special offers all year round, this is one of the Party Houses to rent that is wheelchair accessible, pet-friendly, and was given the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence for the fourth year running in 2018!


5. Tenby Manor

Tenby Manor

Location: Pembrokeshire, Wales

Sleeps: 28

Tenby Manor is one of the most beautiful and private beach Party Houses to rent. This is also a pet-friendly accommodation with 10 acres of private gardens and beach. This incredible venue also comes with a wedding licence so you can have your dream wedding at sunset. You’ll get a great night’s rest in one of its 11 bright bedrooms. Besides taking a swim in the sea, you can enjoy the billiards room or lose yourself in the music room. For fitness freaks, there is a gym while the more peaceful guests in your group will love the venue’s terraces with gorgeous beach views. There is also a room for the little ones with a Wii, flat-screen TV and a vast selection of board games and toys.


4. White Manor

White Manor

Location: Coventry

Sleeps: Up to 28

Perfect for any event you want to celebrate, White Manor is a unique Party House to rent and will ensure you have an enchanting experience. This pet-friendly accommodation offers an outdoor heated swimming pool, well-equipped gym, a grand kitchen and 8 unique reception rooms with various features. Its 9 bedrooms make this venue the perfect set-up for hen parties, stag dos, conferences, anniversaries, reunions or any other get-together. Outside you’ll find a tennis court where you can have a tournament and then prepare yourself for a mouth-watering steak by taking advantage of the barbecue.


3. Oakhill Chapel

Oakhill Chapel

Location: Somerset

Sleeps: Up to 21

As the name suggests, Oakhill Chapel was transformed from a chapel and is undoubtedly a venue to remember. This large group accommodation for rent is apt for any celebration and will add a unique touch due to its decor. It’s 6 bedrooms, cosy reception rooms and your very own hot tub makes the Oakhill Chapel really popular especially with hen parties. You can also walk 2 miles to Wells which is filled with Medieval architecture, cobbled streets and cute little shops. You can also choose between activities such as chocolate making or maybe go for something more adventurous like the crazy fun West Country Games.


2. Catweazle Manor

Party Houses to rent

Location: Berkshire

Sleeps: 16

Catweazle Manor is one of the eccentric vintage English Party Houses to rent and is perfect for individuals fond of antiques and collectables. This venue is full of character and comes with 9 unique bedrooms, a grand reception room, a reading room and more. Offering a range of activities – outdoor heated swimming pool, barbecue, ping pong table, croquet and trampoline, you will definitely not experience even a second of boredom. As this is a pet-friendly accommodation, you can also take them with you on a lovely walk to Chiltern Hills.


1. Canary Yacht

Canary Yacht

Location: London

Sleeps: 10

Located in London, Canary Yacht is the perfect 5-star experience for any event you want to celebrate. Located right in the centre of the UK’s capital, you can go shopping and enjoy the bustle of London’s city life. This large group accommodation for rent comes with 5 en-suite bedrooms, making it perfect for stag dos, hen parties, corporate events or any other big celebration. If you’d like to host an event, the Canary Yacht can welcome up to 50 guests on-deck and will come with a professional staff to cater to all your needs including a bartender and a security guard, making sure your party is unforgettable.

Would you like to explore even more Party Houses to rent? There are plenty more amazing houses to choose from so take a look at Our Party Houses or give us a call on 01273 271 332 and our agents will be happy to provide you with some great options based on your preferences.


Jun 01

Win Fun Board Games for your Family


If you’re looking for some quality family time, board games are always a convenient option to have fun with your loved ones! Whether you’re at home or going away with Party Houses, board games are super interactive and bring families closer to one another. They can be the perfect distraction from a rainy day and provide you with an evening filled with laughter.

For this month’s competition, Drumond Park Games is here with a prize that will definitely keep you entertained. Drumond Park Games is one of the biggest games brands in the UK. Drumond Park Games has a very wide range of games – ones that will bring the entire family in one room, generate some healthy competition, and provide you with precious memories filled with laughter. The company has been providing Party Houses with best selling games for several years including the very popular Articulate, a fast-talking description game and the award-winning LOGO, fun and smart logo trivia game. Both of which are included in the Family Games Bundle.


Drumond Games


The prize for this competition is an absolute catch – the Family Games Bundle worth £114, comprising:

Articulate: a fast-talking description game.

LOGO: fun and smart logo trivia game.

Bang On!: frantic and fast-moving categories game.

Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad!: a tense and funny game which will make the grumpiest person smile.

All of these are very engaging and ensure you spend quality time with your loved ones. Moreover, this selection of games is suitable for the youngest to eldest members of the family!


Why Board Games?

  • In today’s world, a lot of families face a problem wherein all members are glued to their electronic devices. Board games are different and actually bring the family to communicate with each other and bond in a traditional, old-fashioned but yet very fun way.
  • Playing board games with your family and friends serves as a wonderful icebreaker. If you happen to have someone new in the group, games are also the perfect way to develop new bonds. Many of us have been in a situation where we have a distant cousin we haven’t seen in ages. Don’t let your family reunion get awkward and instead enjoy fun board games and share some laughs!
  • Board games develop social, learning and life skills for people of all ages.
  • Bond with your family and cherish your childhood memories!


Logo Board Game


How can I win?

To win this awesome family bundle, all you have to do is sign up below! Feed in your details and get ready to play and be the next champion of your favourite game!


May 11

Lets get Fizzy!


This month’s competition is an easy win and we encourage all of you to participate because we assure you that you will adore the prize. Let us give you a clue – Prosecco! And who doesn’t love a cold glass of Prosecco with a lot of fizz?


Unlimited Prosecco


If you are thinking of hosting an event that will stand out, Fizz & Flute is here to add a unique touch to your celebration. This unique company has cute converted Italian vans that will definitely grasp your guests’ attention. Equipped with taps of sparkling wine, they serve a range of drinks depending on your taste – from premium fizz and fizz inspired cocktails to Peroni and gin. This mobile bar brings lots of character to all events and generates a buzz with its stunning vintage look. The elegant latte coloured vans with copper touches serve corporate & private events, trade shows, weddings, anniversaries and any other type of event you wish to celebrate with a bang.


Fizz & Flute


The best part of these mobile bars is the fact that the fizz is served chill, meaning you do not have to worry about fridge space and continuously having to chill the bottles. Moreover, the vehicles also come with decorations like lights and glassware and look gorgeous during the day and at night. The vans can be professionally hosted for the hours that you’d need them or booked for the entire weekend on a self-service basis. Besides the fizz, they also offer beer taps and other beverages so that each one of your guests is left content. The mobile bar concept will add uniqueness to your special day while catering your event with a great range of drinks catered to different preferences. Moreover, all packages come with insurance, licenses, setup & full clearing away.

Whether you are celebrating your wedding, anniversary, big birthday or just a weekend with your squad, these mobile bars are perfect for any celebratory event.


Fizz & Flute


How do I win you ask?

In order to be a participant, all you have to do is fill in the form below. Fizz & Flute is offering a £100 voucher to the winner of this competition. So whether you want to host an event in one of our Party Houses, or hosting a celebration elsewhere, Fizz & Flute will be at your service, impressing every guest all over again!