Jan 02

Celebrate Your Birthday at Party Houses


Is your birthday approaching but you still don’t have a clue on how to organise it? Have this a read and we’re sure you’ll find the answers following these easy steps!


Number of guests

Step one, decide on who to invite. Here, choose between two options: either invite everyone you know and like hanging out with or make an intimate birthday party with only your closest family members and best friends. Our Party Houses are used to hosting day-guests, which means that you can make a day-long party, and later continue the weekend only with a handful of your favourite people. Once you decide on the number of people, it is time to choose your favourite Party House.


Choose the location of your Party House

Birthday party in a Party House sure sounds like a lot of fun, however not all of your guests will be able or willing to travel long distance. Therefore, make a priority list, do you prefer a house to be very close to where all of your friends and family live or are you interested in exploring a completely new area of the UK like Scotland, Wales, Midlands or maybe you prefer the sea-bound Somerset / Devon area or staying close to London? No matter what location you choose, our Party Houses got you covered with many stunning venues all over the UK.


birthday planning


Study the house

Every house offers different unique features, so make sure to inquire about what you can do onsite. Is there a large garden or a swimming pool? Most of our Party Houses have a special outside area where you can have a barbecue and or enjoy a cosy evening on your private terrace. Once you know the surroundings, you can choose between dozens of fun activities that will be enjoyable for everyone.


Decoration matters

What do you want the theme of your party to be? Are you feeling adventurous and want this party to be in a Hawaiian luau-style, or do you feel like a glamorous Great Gatsby style is the way to go? Take a look at our Party Houses, perhaps their unique style might just be the right inspiration for your birthday party theme. Either way, your options are limitless. When in doubt go with a black and white dress code, make it classy and elegant. Turn up some jazz and blues, set up champagne and champagne glasses and make your guests will feel like movie stars.

Also, consider hiring a magic mirror photo booth, and your guests will be able to remember this party for years to come! Bring fun accessories like hats, glasses and fake noses. Ask your guests to take photos and on them write their special birthday wish for you, put the pictures in a special album and have it as a memorabilia of your amazing birthday party. Another great tip is to decorate your garden with small lamps to create a fairytale feel and ensuring your guests have lots of space to move around and have a wonderful time.


birthday party


Keep your guests entertained

Keep this party upbeat and consider organising fun activities and tournaments. Make sure to have some funny presents prepared for all of your guests, brave enough to participate in the tournament. Many of our Party Houses come with a snooker, table tennis, or foosball table, perfect for a little friendly competition! You can even consider hosting a murder mystery or an escape room event. Don’t forget about social games like charades and Pictionary.


Except the unexpected

We all want the party to be exactly as planned, however, there are some situations that cannot be exactly expected, like unannounced rain. Therefore, make sure you always have a plan B ready and some extra games planned.


Goodie bags

Yes, you heard it right! Who doesn’t love a nice little present? Keep the goodie bags light and fun. You can order some funny gifts from Aliexpress and think of a special task for each guest to do while at the party. No matter what you decide to put inside, the goody bags will set a fun mood for the entire party!


birthday party

Halloween Party Houses
Oct 26

Organise a Unique Halloween Party


October’s most exciting holiday is definitely Halloween. And don’t we all just love a good theme party? Once you know where you want to organise the scariest event of the year (if you need some inspiration take a look here), the only thing left is to prepare props for the party! Be it a family celebration with people of all ages or a get-together with your friends, here are some great tips on how to organize an Halloween unforgettable party!


Tip 1

It is always fun to stop by a party shop to get inspired, however, holding back from buying everything cool you see is often hard to do! All good parties have a theme, so this year don’t just go with a simple pumpkin and skeleton, but rather surprise your guests with something unexpected. Let us give you a tip, how about Mexican “Dia de Los Muertos” or Hotel California?


Dia de Los Muertos Party Houses


Tip 2

Send out invitations early! Your guests would need to have time to go shopping and prepare their costumes. You can either make your very own creative invitations or hire an online or offline professional to make your invitation truly special.


Tip 3

Time to eat: keep your meals and snacks fun! There are many websites with Halloween recipe ideas, to keep your guests wondering if they are brave enough to taste it. You can start with adding some grape juice for children or wine for adults in test tubes holders, which will look like you’re offering straight up blood to your guests. Try to mark the tubes correctly “Adult’s blood” and “Children’s blood”, so that everyone knows which blood has an extra kick to it.


pumpkin Party Houses


Tip 4

Spice your party up with some interesting competitions! Start off by inviting your guests to compete for the scariest or most innovative costume. But don’t stop there! How about a competition in pumpkin carving or the best scare? Also, consider organizing games! Small tournaments, board games, and competitions are always a fun way to entertain your entire party. Make sure to have some fun prizes prepared.


scary treats Party Houses


Tip 5

Finally, don’t forget goodie bags! Don’t we all love small little gifts to take home from a party? Put together something special to say thanks to each guest who came to celebrate this fun night. Some bloody gummy fingers will do just fine!


Oct 02

Family Friendly Games at Your Party House


Whether it’s due to rainy weather or simply a desire to spend an afternoon with your loved ones, indoor activities are always a great way to spend time with your family and friends. Be it board games, a play, baking activities or a treasure hunt, make sure that your next holiday will be remembered for its fun and laughter.


Before Arrival – Play games on your way

Let the games begin at the very beginning of your trip. No matter if you are traveling by car, airplane or train, there is always a perfect game to entertain you and your dearest on your way! Don’t we all remember those all-time favorites I spy, road trip bingo, license plate game, tic tac toe, I’m going on a picnic, 20 questions, connect the dots etc. It’s time to come up with something new and enjoyable for members of all ages!


play at Party House


Have you ever heard of Play “While you were sleeping”? The way this game plays out is to have fun with the person who just fell asleep. Awake passengers make up a story of what happened while the passenger was sleeping. Once the passenger wakes up, all of you should make him believe the story. If somebody goes off script, he/she looses points. If you successfully fool the person, each storyteller wins three points. If the sleeping passenger fools the everybody in the car and joins their story correctly, they steal their current point total. The one with the most points at the destination wins.


Start Simple – Board Games

There are many board games, but probably the all-time all-age favourite is Monopoly. Make sure to bring it on your trip! Distribute your bills for each player to have 1500£ divided as follows: 2 each of £500’s, £100’s and £50’s; 6 $20’s; 5 each of £10’s, £5’s and £1’s. Select a banker, who can play a role of a good Auctioneer. The only rule that you won’t find on the package is that your kids or friends may rob the bank while you are not looking, or even come up with their own rules. Isn’t tricking your team members, the best part of the game?


games at Party House


 Complicate it – Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of items at your Party House that can be easily or not so easily found within a certain time limit. Make sure the list is long enough depending on the size of your family. It can be anything from a toothpick, pen to a vase, bowl, and rocks in the garden. Maybe make it more complicated and puzzle your loved ones with not writing down the actual name of the object but only the description of it. This way the winner will be not only the one who brings most of the objects from the list, but also, the one who guessed it right.


Step it up – Mummy Game

All you need is a toilet paper and equal number of players. Let one payer stay still and the other one cover him/her in like a mummy. The pair who covers entire body of the partner faster – wins. Make sure you leave some space for breathing!


play at Party House


Change the location – Kitchen Game!

Every Party House accommodates its guests with a fully equipped kitchen, with some of them even having a couple of kitchens per house! So, why not organise a tournament in making the best pizza? Get pizza dough (or create it from scratch), all your favourite ingredients, and start creating! Let your kids cut their own cheese, tomatoes, and mushrooms. Be creative, divide your pizzas into separate pieces, and give each piece a different taste. Then enjoy your tasty pizza all together! Don’t forget to wash your hands and clean up all together, as the cleaning up is also part of the game! Want to step it up? If your kids would like to continue playing, ask your family members to sit down at the dining room and play the pizza restaurant game.


Go professional about your activities – hire an actor.

If you want to try something new and be part of the experience of a show, Party Houses collaborate with many actors and activities makers that will create a fun atmosphere bringing your family together. Be it a Murder Mystery night, Clay Pigeon Shooting or an Archery Event, this holiday is sure to be remembered by all!


There are many games and activities for you to do at your Party House. Find out about the features of the house and plan ahead. Many of our houses offer a snooker table, swimming pool, and even an arcade. With all these games in “your pocket”, you and your guests are sure to have a fantastic holiday!

Sep 29

Peak District Events in October 2017


We are happy to say that autumn is finally here meaning that we can finally get warm sweaters out, go for long walks in the forest collecting golden leafs, and hide in cosy cafes for a cup of hot chocolate. We love October, and you know why? Because it’s the month of Halloween and we can enjoy so many fun activities. We at Party Houses have made a selection of the best events in the Peak District for a proper quality family time!


Alton Towers Scarefest


When: 7-8, 14-15, 20-31 October

Where: Alton Towers, Stoke On Trent

More information here

Given that the Halloween is around the corner and you must be looking for a spooky event for the entire family. Then Scarefest at Alton Towers in Staffordshire is the place for you. Electrifying entertainment and thrilling rides await you at the park every weekend of the month, and during the entire week of the Halloween week. Family entertainment, live shows, spooky characters, children’s rides and more. Book your tickets in advance.



Derby Folk Festival


When: 6th October – 8th October

Where: Market Place, Guildhall Theatre, Derby Catherdral

More information: here

For the past 11 years, Derby festival has become a symbol of October. Located right in the centre of the Derby, this family – friendly event is a perfect way to enjoy a weekend with your loved ones. Free music performances, dance displays throughout the streets and a lot of good food.





Great Peak District Fair & Buxton Beer Festival 


When: 14th – 15th October

Where: The Pavilion Gardens, Buxton

More information: here

Brilliant entertainment, food, and drinks ranging from the finest hand crafter larger, cider and beer from around the region await you at the Peak District Fair and Buxton Beer Festival. Gardens Marquee which will be full to the brim with some of the most incredible jewellery, craft, art work and food the Peak District has to offer.


October Halloween Hoot  


When: 21 – 29 October

Where: Chatsworth, Bakewell, Derbyshire

More information: here

The home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire awaits you and your little monsters for a very special weekend at the Chatsworth house and garden. Book your tickets now, which include access to the house, garden, farmyard and playground.


If you are looking for a place to stay while attending one of these events, check out our venues located in the Peak District.

Sep 27

Win a Halloween Party Hamper!


Party Houses is happy to feature our partner of the month, Country House Murder Mysteries. These entertainment professionals will make your stay at Party Houses unforgettable by giving it a taste of mystery. Now, they’re offering you a chance to win a spooky Halloween Party Hamper, to bring this year’s Halloween to the next level!


Country House Murder Mysteries have over twenty years’ experience in providing interactive murder mysteries. No matter where you’re staying, experience actors will gladly travel to your Party House to organise an unforgettable and fun stay. These event professionals offer packages for groups ranging from 8 to 180 guests. So whether you’re organising a large wedding or an intimate birthday party, they will surely keep your guests entertained.


murder mystery


Featuring professional actors and engaging plots, a murder mystery is a great way to entertain your guests. With packages starting from just £595, why not enquire about hosting your own live-action murder mystery? Provide them with the name of your Party House and the details of your celebration and enjoy experienced actors bring an extensive and fun plot to fit your celebration.



Are you excited for Halloween? Do you also think that murder mysteries are super fun? We, at Party Houses and Country House Murder Mysteries, would like to give you a chance to win a Halloween Party Hamper with lots of goodies to fill this year’s Halloween with mystery, horror, and thrill.



If you are excited as much as we are to win a free Halloween Hamper, enter your details below and follow us to hear the results!




Password must be at least 7 characters long.
Password must be at least 7 characters long.



Sep 27

Four easy steps to plan your vacation at Party Houses


Planning a vacation, but not sure how to plan your days to fit everyone’s needs? As we want you to have a great stay, we came up with four easy steps that are suitable for all ages, genders, and passions to make your stay unforgettable!




Start your vacation by letting your guests know the address, arrival date, and time of your stay at your Party House. How to do it? Consider going old school! Write up and send post cards straight to your guests’ doorstep. If you are feeling extra creative, consider making the invitations yourself!! Once you know the number of people, cut up some beautiful paper and make individualised cards. Decorate it with something unique, maybe attach a picture of yourself cooking an apple pie? Or if you prefer designing a digital invitation, there are many websites that will help you create very special and unique cards for your party (try Canva or Paperless Post). It won’t be only a physical proof of the approaching vacation, well-deserved retreat, and unlimited fun, but also a great way to remind your loved ones how excited you are to spend your vacation with them.


 INVITATIONS for vacation at the Party House




Step number two – examine what your event venue has to offer. Many of our Party Houses come with a hot tub, games room and big gardens. If your big house for rent comes with a swimming pool, make sure to reserve a day solely for relaxation and recharging your batteries. You can forget about cooking and simply treat yourself. Hire professional spa services, who will set up all the equipment at your event venue and make sure you receive the best services possible. By hiring professional chefs to cater your big house, all of your guests will be fed while you just relax and receive your well-deserved massage.


Spa on vacation at Party House




All of our Party Houses offer beautiful grounds and big gardens perfect for a walk or some sports activities. Bring badminton rackets and spend the day outside enjoying your family’s company. Since most of our event venues are dog-friendly, do not forget your little friends at home, as they also want to explore the new property. Organize a picnic outside and spend some quality time chatting with your guests. For those of you who would like to have something even more memorable, consider hiring activities like falconry, clay pigeon shooting, or archery.




What could be better than an afternoon with your loved ones by the fireplace, enjoying warm conversations and lots of laughter. Bring a board game with you or organize a snooker tournament, taking advantage of the snooker table located in the games room. For all of you, who like mystery and challenging yourselves, set up a Murder Mystery Evening at your Party House. A team of professional actors will join you and your guests and take you on a ride of murderous intrigue. Professionals will reveal secrets of your Party House, making it a night to remember!


vacation Party House


There are many fun things to do at your Party House, so use your imagination and we hope this four easy steps inspired you to come up with special activities for your upcoming vacation with your loved ones.

archery class
Sep 01

Competition! Archery at your Party House


Party Houses is happy to feature our partner of the month, the Dandelion Events. After working with them for over three years and always receiving great reviews, we are happy to announce this month’s competition. Are you planning to stay in one of our Party Houses in near future? Then make sure to enter the competition!


Based in West Midlands, Dandelion Events travels to all of our Party Houses to organise events and activities to entertain you and your guests. Make your stay truly memorable with air rifle or laser clay pigeon shooting, a murder mystery event or cocktail making. All of their activities are organised for big groups, so no one will be left out! If you are organising a corporate event, activities like Archery, Crossbows or even Segway rides might be perfect idea for your team building. Dandelion Events professional team will not only organise everything from A-Z, but also provide you and your guests with all necessary equipment for your event.


No matter the occasion, Party Houses wish you to have a fun and memorable day. That is why we carefully choose only the best professionals, who can truly add value to your celebration. Be it a birthday celebration, a hen do or a wedding, a corporate retreat or a sports event, the Dandelion Events will bring a lot of laugher and fun. You can hire just one activity or have a day long program, full of entertainment that will have your family and friends talking for years to come. Choose your favorite Party House and let the fun begin!





Are you excited try out some of these awesome activities? We, at Party Houses would like to give you an opportunity to win an Archery event to be held in any of our Party Houses, nationwide. The competition will be available for next 12 months, which means, that even if you haven’t booked your house yet, feel free to enter the competition and find your ideal Party House later! For all of our guests, who already booked their Party Houses, type in your info and maybe your stay will get a fun upgrade!
The winner of the competition will benefit from an hour and a half of Archery activity that is suitable for all genders, ages and types of event. Dandelion Events will gladly provide you and your guests with everything you will need to participate in the activity, from an Archery GB qualified coach, all necessary equipment and gazebos for shelter.



If you are excited as much as we are about a free 90 minutes of Archery for you and your guests, enter your details below and follow us to hear the results!

Password must be at least 7 characters long.
Password must be at least 7 characters long.


Aug 31

Peak District Events in September 2017


September looks promising with many festivals, fairs, and adventures awaiting your visit. We, at Party Houses researched all about the exciting events happening around the Peak District area and are very excited to share with you our top selection!


Chatsworth Country Fair


When: 1st – 3rd September

Where: Chatsworth, Bakewell, Derbyshire, DE45 1PP

More information: click here

3 days of family entertainment await you at the Chatsworth Country Fair. From the Hot Air Balloons, Armed Forces Display, Commercial Vehicles, Hurdle Maker, to Dog Agility, Gundog Test, Highland Dancing, Horse Driving and more! Set in the beautiful surroundings, this fair will not leave you disappointed. If you are looking for a place to stay during the festival, make sure to check out some great Party Houses.



TOTAL 80s Saturday


When: 2nd September

Where: Arena at Waterside

More information: click here

This concert will take you down memory lane and is sure to evoke fond memories of this fantastic period! RELAX, SPIN ME ROUND, REAL GONE KID, NEW SENSATION, ELECTRIC DREAMS, and more! No other era was so colourful and influential! Come and have fun. The eighties generation are back and “Total 80’s” are here to deliver!!!




Vintage Tea Dance


When: 6th September

Where: 1st Floor, Nicholson Institute

More information: click here

Bi-monthly celebrated tea dances await you in September at the Nicholson Institute. Accompanied by live music in the Gallery, you and your friends will be able to dance all afternoon. The entrance fee is £3,50 per person.





Base Camp Festival 2017


When: 7th September

Where: Sabine Hay, Off Oldfield Lane

More information: click here

Are you ready for Britain’s Most Adventurous Festival? The Base Camp Festival is a mix of adventure and great music! Two of the guest speakers that you won’t want to miss are the big wave surfer Andrew Cotton, and paragliding adventurer Sacha Dench. Meet new friends, listen to their great adventure stories, and share yours. Then dance under the stars to live music!



Autumn Plant Hunters’ Fair


When: 17th September

Where: School Lane, Henbury

More information: click here

Henbury Hall Gardens await all the plant lovers for its Autumn plant fair. If your garden is looking a little tired after the summer, then take this great opportunity to find some late blooming plants to cheer it up. The nursery folk will be there to share some tips and experience. There is still enough time for plants to establish and make themselves at home before winter comes. Come and find your favorite flowers!



Dog Training classes

When: 2nd and 13th September

Where: Onecote Village Hall

More information: click here

If you are staying in one of our dog-friendly Party Houses, we have great news for you! During your stay at the Peak District, you’ll be able to train your pets in the nearby farms. Private dog training classes for puppies and progressing adult dogs will be available at the Onecote Village Hall. Come and spend an exciting day together with your best friend.




If you are looking for a place to stay while attending one of these events, check out our venues located in the Peak District.

Aug 25

Looking for a Party House for Your Next Celebration?


We could all use some inspiration when a special celebration or an important event comes around. One of the biggest decisions of party planning is choosing which venue to go for, whether it’s the location, budget, or features, we all have our own preferences. And so it is sometimes hard to organise a party that would be enjoyed by all members of the group. This is why we at Party Houses compiled a list of great tips of industry experts. We’ll tackle how to approach your upcoming event, the important things to take into consideration, and the stuff that you can simply stop worrying about and let go.


1. Location matters

When choosing the location of your future Party House, be it a wedding celebration or a simple family gathering with your loved ones, one of the most important things to take into consideration is the distance that your group would be traveling to reach the final destination. Think about what kind of natural surroundings you would like to have around the house for those sunny days that are just waiting for you to take advantage off. Are you looking for picturesque forest paths and wildlife of the unique Peak District and the Midlands? Perhaps you’re a mermaid by heart and would be interested in staying in some South West beach locations? Or maybe you’d prefer a nearby getaway from the busy life of London and Brighton?


party house location


2. Royalty or a Homey Feel

What kind of house would you like to have? Would you like for your guests to feel like royalty and enjoy luxurious living spaces and labyrinth gardens or would you prefer a small, cosy house with a family touch? Many people think that the all-inclusive hotels are a great idea for a holiday getaway but, have you ever thought about all of the things you could do in a home away from home? It’s like going to your summer house, but having it be different each time, yet keeping its cosiness and beauty. You can be free as you would be at home, as there will be no one to judge you eating that birthday cake in the middle of the night or having breakfast at lunchtime. You can have a lazy day sunbathing next to the pool, spend the afternoon watching a movie snacking on sweet popcorn and for dinner enjoying some fantastic Indian food delivery. Best thing? You can do it in your unicorn onesie or Hello Kitty pyjamas.


3.  Catered or Self-catered

Another most important decision that comes right after booking your big party house is to decide on the food.  Will one of you cook, is it going to be a group activity, or will you order a caterer to treat you to some well deserved rest? Depending on the time, budget, and type of party this decision may be different for all of us. Even corporate events can be seen as both catered or not. In one hand, cooking a lunch all together can be a fun team building activity. However, when you are planning a number of seminars and there is hardly time to cook, hiring a professional chef would be a more practical decision. If you are going to a family holiday, think if you want to use the spacious kitchen and its equipment to experiment with new meals or would you prefer a relaxing weekend without any worries? All Party Houses have both fully equipped spacious kitchens, as well as a list of caterers to choose from.




4. Child and Pet-friendly

Having a vacation with the youngest and liveliest members of the family always require special arrangements. As these are also very bellowed members of your group that you’d like to bring as well, make sure to choose family and pets friendly houses. We, at Party Houses take special care when it comes to children. All of houses are child-friendly meaning there will be cots available for your babies and toddlers. Some of our accommodations also provide different baby kits. From stairs gates at the top and bottom of flights of stairs, garden gates, bed guards, and microwaves for baby-milk, our Party Houses got you covered. Your children’s safety and comfort are important to us. However, not only children need allocated areas for playing, so do your favorite pets! Most of our Party Houses welcome dogs and cats! Discovering a new place and enjoying the countryside will be enjoyable for both the dog and the owner. Pets need a vacation too! Discovering new places will make them healthier and happier. Just like they make us!


5. Corporate Events

Tired of boring and outdated team building exercises? It is time to come up with something memorable, fun, and effective! Many of our Party Houses offer conference and seminar rooms for comfortable and brilliant presentations. Then go outside the house and enjoy the spacious gardens by organising some memorable team building exercises. Many of our suggested activities are company oriented. All you have to do is to choose which one will suit your company spirit better!

No matter what kind of the event you are planning, it is important to find the perfect venue for you and your guests. Be it a corporate or sports retreat, wedding or a special birthday celebration, friends or family get-together, we, at Party Houses will help you find the right place for it, so make sure to check out Our Party Houses. Moreover, we offer a range of event planners, caterers, and activity providers in order to ensure that your stay is one for the books!


business meeting

Aug 18

Five Easy Steps for Having a Great Stag-do


The recipe for organising any great party is to start planning it early. We at Party Houses realise how important it is to organise an awesome stag-do and so we compiled this list bellow full of useful tips to help you through the process. Don’t leave your party to a coincidence, rather check out these five easy steps to your unforgettable stag do!


1. Who Should I Invite?

So, do you want your stag-do to be the best? Then invite the best men! Consider creating a WhatsApp or Messenger group and start brainstorming all together. Be open to ideas, because no matter what you and your friends will end up doing, it will surely be a lot of fun!




2. Where Should I Have My Stag-do?

Didn’t we all watch “The Hangover” movie, and think that our stag-do should totally be in Vegas? The slogan “what happens on tour, stays on tour” might be the biggest motivation for you to take the flight abroad. There are many fun European alternatives to Vegas like Barcelona or Amsterdam. But why go far if your country has so much to offer?! Hit the road with your friends and make road trip around the UK! There are many large Party Houses for rent all over the country. What’s better, many of our Party Houses allow a stag-do.


3. Hotel vs. Self- catering

Keeping a big group in a hotel may be challenging while a self- catering accommodation means all the lads are safely under one roof. Don’t spend your time wondering around looking for everyone only to gather them in one small room, but rather go with one big venue that will provide you with plenty of space for everyone to enjoy themselves. Having your own self-catering house also means complete privacy with no need to worry about other guests, as your self–catering house will only belong to you and your party. And isn’t it all about the little things like having a beer while preparing that perfect steak for dinner? After delicious food consider taking advantage of the games room or relax and enjoy your hot tub until the stars come out. After you’re full, relaxed, and happy it might just be time to hit the local pubs.



4. Create a Plan

Once you know the location of your amazing stag-do, create a plan of action. Many of Party Houses for rent have a hot tub and a BBQ. What’s next? Ask the host about onsite or offsite activities close to the house. We at Party Houses have you covered, and we’ve uploaded entire list of activities, from which to choose from. For those who like to cook or eat, all BBQ areas are equipped with everything you need to make delicious burgers! Be it a beer tasting experience , golfing, climbingpaintballing, there’s plenty of things to do near your Party House! For active friends and adrenaline seekers, try some fun activities like climbing or mountain biking in the Peak District area. Finally, check out some local bars in the nearby towns and PARTEEY!


5. Don’t Forget the Outfit!

Definitely, one of the most important things for a stag-do is to pick the right costume! All these “Unicorns”, “Where is Wally Waldo?” and “Star Wars soldiers” are bound to make your party unforgettable!

There are many websites in the UK where you could buy your stag party outfit. However, if you still have enough time, save some money by buying in bulk in one of the Alibaba websites. Bear in mind that you would probably have to wait a while for them to arrive to your house. Do not worry about the costume being too big, or too small, the wrong size will make it funnier anyway.  So, choose your favourite character and enjoy!!


beer tasting