May 21

Fun Hen Party Ideas For Everyone


All you need to throw a fantastic hen party is a great group of friends and a very excited bride-to-be. But there’s always room for an extra special activity. 😉 As the honour of being bridesmaid, you’ve already helped with plenty of wedding plans. You helped choose the perfect venue, tried the tastiest cakes, have gone to bridal fittings and now you have one major task left – the hen party!! No matter who is in your bridal party, there’s always an activity for each one will enjoy.  Check out some of the super fun hen party ideas everyone will love.


Mix in a Cocktail Master Class

Create the perfect Instagram drink with a cocktail master class. You and the girls can shake-it and sip along the way, as you learn the recipe to your favourite drinks! We know you always order that one cocktail with the exoctic name and fun garnishing… but what’s really in it? Now your chance to find out! Try out a class at Dandelion Events, or  Savva Bars and Catering Co. And finally, become the best Bartender at Home .


Unwind with a Spa Weekend

Even if you weren’t stressed we could use a spa weekend! Relax and unwind with your favourite group of gals while you soak in a salt bath, get massages, admire a new pedicure and take care of yourself before the big day. Make sure you’re prepped and set, looking your best for aaaalll the photos to come. Why go to a spa when you can bring one home? Our friends at Glo Pamper will give you a perfect luxury spa day in the comfort of your own home (or at one of our awesome venues!) This is a fun hen party idea- no one can resist.


Indulge in the Best of Afternoon Tea

Relive your childhood dreams and host the tea party of a lifetime. Prepare some delicious cakes, snacks, and treats and set up your backyard that even Alice would be jealous of. The mad hatter has nothing on your decorating skills. Host a little tea tasting event, while you sniff and sip some yummy herbs and leaves. Or, bring out the competition. The best pastry or cake on the 3 tier cake stand- wins! (Bride gets to decide, of course). If you’re on a crunch for time, no worries. Savva Bars and Catering Co. will help you throw the perfect tea party and bring you a delicious variety of snacks and treats.


Try your Hand at a Cookery Class

Nothing brings more smiles and happy bellies than a tasty cookery class. Learn new recipes and maybe learn a little more about each other as you fry up some tasty treats. We love the cooking workshops with Lerato Umah-Shaylor as she teaches you contemporary African inspired recipes and her famous brownie recipes. They are mouthwatering just to look at! You all will spend time with each other laughing and learning and making unforgettable memories for your hen party.


Hire a Photographer for the Day

A hen party is a time you’ll never forget, but make sure it lasts forever! Hire a photographer for the day and capture every special moment with the bride to be and her closest friends. Plan a theme around the photoshoot or seek out some beautiful landscapes to capture the beauty of the area and your smiles.


Glamping. Camping, but for the Girls. 

Glamping, or “glamorous camping”,  is basically like the sex in the city movie when Carrie and the girls spend a night in the desert in Morroco. While most of us have fond memories of camping stories and sharing smores under the stars we also remember wishing we had a proper bed and better food. Now is your chance to have all the nostalgia of camping with all the luxury of hotel living. Spend a night in the open air and under the stars with the crème de la crème of outdoor living. Enjoy the comfort of your own bed, indoor heating, and actual furniture. 


Get Moving with A Dance class

Plan a super special surprise at the reception with a dance number! Why not take a dance class with the hens? Get everyone in the party mode and have fun together. What better way to start off a great hen weekend than with a bit of energy. Choose super fun themes such as Beyonce, Burlesque, hip hop dance and more! Try out some of the amazing classes with EpicME and A.Y. Dance. After taking a class, remember to practice and show off your performance together! All the guests will love to watch as the girls shimmy down on the dance floor.


Practice for the Big Day with a Makeup Master Class

We all know the feeling. Years of watching Youtube tutorials on how to perfect the smokey eye or get a natural bronzey contour and we STILL get raccoon eyes.  How does one actually get a perfect eyeliner?? Only the great makeup gurus might ever know… Not to fret though, why not give yourselves a little bit more practice before the wedding and take a makeup master class together? Learn all about how to perfectly blend in your eyeshadow, pick a lipstick shade for you and gently brush on a little rouge for the finishing touch. The best part of the class? You have a perfectly finished face ready for …. you guessed it… Instagram pics! Snap away the selfies and show off your new skills. xx



Refine your Taste Buds with Wine Tasting

We think a perfect synonym for a fun hen party idea has to be wine tasting. Nothing goes better then hens and wine. It’s like bread and butter, only better. And tastier. And maybe more fun. Learn something new about roses, whites, and reds with a curated wine tasting event.  Peak Wine and Wine Tube Map Social offer amazing at home wine tasting parties right within your home. Swirl around some burgundy wine and take a sniff. What that you smell? Oak? Cherry? The smell of a great time with lots of wine laughs? Yep, that’s definitely it.


Release the Stress with a Yoga Class

A wedding is an amazing time and filled with fun and excitement. But with all the planning things can get a little stressful with the bride-to-be and the hens. Just breathe it all out with a group yoga class! Stretch out the tension as you move into downward dog and inhale the good energy. Why go to a yoga studio when the studio can come to you? Venues such as Victorian Rectory, and Sunningdale Estate have incredible built-in yoga studios so you don’t have to interrupt your vacation with a drive. For those who want to be a little more in touch with nature, why not host a yoga class outdoors? Our houses such as Roaches Hall, Hamps Hall and Barn, and Barley House all have spectacular, spacious lawn areas for optimal stretching and meditation.



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May 13

10 Party Houses with Amazing Gardens


Some might say a home is not complete without a great garden to accompany it. A house that leads into a lush garden with plenty of space to run and relax bring back some of the best memories. Gardens are an amazing feature to have for any holiday let and these houses to rent with big gardens are absolutely spectacular.

Sit in the garden and meditate, talk a walk through the paths, have a cup of tea under the trees, let the kids run around and play and enjoy the beautiful scenery right outside your doorstep. Can you imagine the photos you’ll take with stunning rose bushes and wildflowers in the background?

Here are some of our favourite houses to rent with amazing gardens.


1.Villa Arroyo

Andalusia, Spain | Sleeps 12 | 7 Bedrooms | Private Pool 

Experience a whole new type of garden in this Mediterranean escape. Walk along a lavender path and enjoy a sunset palette.


2.Villa Rio

Andalucia, Spain | Sleeps 10 | 5 Bedrooms | Private Pool 

There is just something about Spain that makes the colours a little more vivid. Have a cafe con leche on the terrace and gaze at the green.


3. Backwater Manor

South West, Newton Abbot | Sleeps up to 81 | 21 Bedrooms | Large Dining Room 

This perfectly polished estate will impress all your guests. Host an amazing cocktail hour al fresco and mingle with everyone.


4. Oaktree Hideaway

South East, Henley-on-Thames | Sleeps 16 | 8 Bedrooms | Wedding License | Cinema Room

We think we’ve seen this exact garden in our favourite childhood fairytale…While we can’t quite put a pin on it, we know it’s the perfect backdrop for every wedding photo. So dreamy!!


5. St Andrews House

Scotland, St Andrews| Sleeps 10 | 5 Bedrooms | Hot Tub | Golf Course 

Is that a brick grill in the background? Why yes it is. Enjoy a beautiful outdoor dinner in the fresh air.


6. Silvercoast Mansion

Midlands, Skegness | Sleeps 21 | 11 Bedrooms | Tennis Court | Indoor Pool 

We’re pretty sure this is where the Secret Garden was filmed. Well, not exactly but it still is an amazing, shady space for summer picnics and hide-and-seek.


7. Kington Lodge

Midlands, Lyonshall | Sleeps up to 38 | 8 Bedrooms | Private Pool  

Not pictured: the massive pool and outdoor seating right next to this garden. Take a light jog through the gardens, and cool off by jumping in the pool.

8. Kings Ride Manor

South East, Kings Ride | Sleeps 28 | 10 Bedrooms | Private Pool

What’s not to love about this amazing backyard! It has a pond, a pool, a patio, trees and plenty of green, green grass.  Does anyone fancy a game of polo?


9. Greenwood Estate

South East | Sleeps up to 63 | 22 Bedrooms | Jacuzzi and Swimming Pool 

Our inner child is telling us this is the perfect garden. And their right. This grand estate has plenty of room to run, play and explore.


10. Roaches Hall

Midlands, Peak District | Sleeps 30 | 10 Bedrooms | Hot Tub Hire

Maybe the best garden is the one created by nature. We love how the lawn of Roaches flows into the forest nature of the Peak Distrtict. Now that’s a garden.



See a house you can’t resist? Let us know!

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May 09

Free cocktails for your next event!



We’ve teamed up with our partners at Savva Bars and Catering Co. to bring you this amazing Giveaway of the Month!

Savva Bars & Catering Co. is a family run business with over 30 years in the industry specialising in private dining, cocktails & events. No matter what service you choose, Savva will make sure your party, event or wedding catering will be unforgettable! The range of high-quality services includes tea parties, cocktail master classes and 3 – course meals with private chef and waiter included. Savva strives to provide first-class services and add a personal touch to your weekend adapting all your food and drink needs, in order to make it one to remember.



How to enter:


    1. Visit our Facebook Page
    2. ‘LIKE’ our giveaway post
    3. Cross your fingers and hope to win!!

With a booking of any service,  Each guest will receive a FREE cocktail, like these!

Known for providing unforgettable service & cuisine at a competitive price, Savva presents a flexible approach offering clients as much or as little as you feel you need to make your weekend special. From 5 Course Dinners to a Cocktail Hour before you head out into town. Savva will provide amazing catered meals and dinners for every event. The party, corporate, event and wedding catering options from Savva or exceptional. Select from the variety of eating options- anything from the full, gourmet meal to a light picking snack.  Your mouth will water just looking at the photos!


Event and Wedding Catering Options:

Bars & Cocktails: 

If you are looking to feed your guests and satisfy their Aperol spritz fix, a selection of mobile available to hire for your event and are all of a bespoke and elegant design exclusive to us. They can be branded with your company logo or design of your choice, and are available to hire on a ‘cash bar’ basis or ‘dry hire’ basis. Corporates will love this bar hire for company events, retreats or team building activities.

Want to learn how to make those tasty concoctions? Take on a Cocktail Making Master Class! Lead by experienced bartenders, you and your guests will learn how to whip up, stir around and shake up some amazing bespoke cocktails. Enough to impress your friends at your next event.

If you want to really bring the party to your wedding, birthday, corporate event or party, check out some of these awesome extras Savva will provide!


  • Candy Cart
  • Marshmallow Fire Pit
  • Popcorn Station
  • Toffee Apple Station
  • Brownie Station
  • Bespoke Concept Bars
  • Garden Games
  • Glassware, Marquees, Chillers, Patio Heaters
  • Wait Staff, Bartenders, Mixologists, Event Coordinators, Personal License Holders

Areas covered:
West Midlands and East Midlands, Birmingham, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Coventry

Giveaway terms & conditions: 

A booking for any service with Savva Bars and Catering must be made to win the prize. A free cocktail will be provided to each guest over 18. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by or associated with Facebook. Must be 18 or over to enter. Competition ends on the 31st of May 2019.


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Apr 09

The Ultimate Game of Thrones Viewing Party Venues


Season 8 is coming…  And we can’t believe it’s finally here.



At Party Houses, we’re getting ready as quickly as we can. Rewatching episodes, reviewing plot scenes, trying to connect all of our favorite characters (both dead and alive) and of course, completely immersing ourselves into the realm of Westeros & Essos.  In the midst of this obsession, we wondered “What would Game of Thrones look like as Party Houses venues?” So we got thinking, and here are our top picks for the best venues for the best GOT viewing party.


Start off in a Castle 

No castle is complete without a king and queen. Live out your dreams and spend a night in High Castle.

Get a royal rest while admiring this incredible wooden bedroom. We can’t help but think this is what the Lannisters rooms look like.

And plot your next move at your desk overlooking your kingdom in true Game of Thrones Fashion…

Take your horses and knights and head out to….


Have a Drink at the Village Tavern 

Drink and sing in the local tavern with your fellow men at Hollow Meadows Hall or Hunters Lodge. While not as grungy nor nearly as dangerous as the Inn at the Crossroads, these unique bars give you that burly forest feeling while sipping on a glass of whiskey.

Finish your drink and head out to the fields to…



Gander and brood over your Kingdom, in this case, the Peak District. This view from Roaches Hall highly resembles the lands of Winterfell and the North. Do you see an enemy siege approaching?

Before heading out to battle, why not…

Dine in the suns of Dorne

Enough of the cold, let’s head way down south. Bask in the southern suns and enjoy the relaxing views of Villa Aroyyo. Located in Andalusia, this lovely villa gives the essence of the Sands. Fun fact: the city of Dorne in Game of Thrones was actually filmed in Andalusia! In the Alcazar of Sevilla, you’ll find familiar looking gardens, castle balconies and fountains.

For a similar feeling, but not quite as far, take a look at this dining hall at Victorian Rectory. Set up a feast and get ready to…


Sit and behold this EPIC series finale. 

A series finale of this magnitude deserves nothing but the best viewing experiences.

Set up your own Game of Thrones viewing party at an incredible home cinema like Oaktree Hideaway (above) or Northgate Manor (below). Imagine how amazing it will be to hear that GOT theme song through these surround sound speakers? The battle scenes, monologues and plot twists will be even juicer in crystal clear HD screens.

For those who need to cozy up a little (for the scary white walker scenes) why not cuddle up in the Toft Barn TV room (above) or this sleek Dragonstone-like den in Northgate Manor (below)?

No matter where you’re watching, we hope his season is epic.

Who do you think will take the Iron throne?? (Our bets are on the dragons 😉🐉🐉)

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Apr 08

Win a FREE bottle of wine!


Who can say no to that?

Enter for your chance to win a FREE bottle of wine! We’ve teamed up with our partners at Peak Wine to bring you this months giveaway. What better way to celebrate any occasion than with a beautiful bouquet of oak, floral and earthy notes? Ingrid and Chris have been running wine tasting and events for years, and their knowledge of wine goes beyond the vineyards. This month enter for your chance to win a hand-picked bottle of wine selected by Ingrid and Chris themselves.


How to enter:

Simply visit our Facebook page, or use this link, and give a “LIKE” on our April giveaway Facebook posts! That’s it! If you’re feeling extra lucky, “TAG” a friend or “COMMENT” on the post for an additional entry!

The winner will be announced at the beginning of May. Keep an eye out for your name, you might just be the lucky owner of a beautifully bodied Pinot Noir! 🍷








About Peak Wine:

Peak Wine tasting parties are a fun and sophisticated way to celebrate. Each tasting is entertaining and pitched so that everyone learns something new about wine and has a great time too! The experiences are designed a special range of tastings to suit all different party types. The ‘Intro to Wine Tasting’ is a great way to update your wine knowledge. If you love the fizzy stuff, then a ‘Champagne and Fizz’ tasting is the one for you. Or maybe a ‘Cheese and Wine’ tasting, a foodies delight. PeakWine events can act as a perfect icebreaker as everyone gets to know each other and of course, the wine is guaranteed to keep the party flowing! Mention Party Houses on your next booking and receive a complimentary bottle of wine!


Peak Wine Giveaway


Wine Tasting and Events:


If you are new to wine and want to learn how to impress at your next party, how about booking the ‘Introduction to Wine Tasting’? This introduction course is a great way to learn about the styles of wine and grape varieties. You will pick up fun tips and facts about wine that will make you look like a proper connoisseur. For even more fun, put your taste buds to the test with the blind wine taste test! How many wines can you guess? Everything from Champagne to red wine is on the flight!

Peak Wine offers exceptional services and even better prices. Enquire for prices for hen parties. corporate events or birthdays! Wine tastings can be held in the location of your choice. The experience can be brought straight to your doorstep or venue! Typically, tastings are held in the Peak District but other locations include Sheffield, Chesterfield, and surrounding areas and throughout Derbyshire and South Yorkshire.

If needed, further travel accommodations to  Nottinghamshire, North Yorkshire, North Wales etc. are also available at an additional price.

You can arrange a wine tasting for any day of the week, in the afternoon or evening. Think about inviting friends, family or how about a tasting at a special weekend break.


Remember, Visit our Facebook page to win!  Good luck!


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essential oil aroma
Mar 29

Essential Oils: An ‘Essential’ part of your home


You guessed it!

Essential oils are a great household item to keep your home feeling fresh and smelling amazing.  While essential oils have multiple uses, from aromatherapy,  relieving pain and reducing pimples, our favourite way to use essential oils is freshening up a home. Create a lovely relaxing environment by letting the essential oils fill the room with aroma and tranquility.

What are Essential Oils?

‘Essentially’  essential oils are the concentrated extract from plants, flowers, fruits and any other ingredients which retain the natural scent or flavor of the source. Although some people are skeptical of the health benefits claimed by essential oils, what no one doubts is the incredible smell of a freshly installed oil diffuser with orange and jasmine vapor drifting through your home.

There are a few different options for using essential oils in your home. One of the most common is water vapor oil diffuser. These gadgets create a soft, calming atmosphere as the water vapor releases the scent of the oils.  We love the trendy and elegant designs they come in and make a perfect decorative addition to your home.

Bring the great outdoors, indoors

When you go outside in spring for the first time, the first thing you do? Take a deep breath. *sniiiiifff* Feel the soft notes of flowers and earth filling your nostrils with a serene calm feeling.

To match the beautiful springs scents of the outdoors use essential oils. Image replicating the fresh, earthy smells of the Peak District right in your living room. Even if you’re skeptical about the benefits of essential oils, the aroma will leave your home smelling new and amazing every time you walk in.

Here is a list of our favourite scents and a few of their proposed benefits

  • Lavender: anti-inflammatory, reduced stress, induces sleep
  • Peppermint: relieves joint pain, allergy relief, relieves itchiness
  • Sandalwood: anti-inflammatory, natural aphrodisiac
  • Rose: eliminates Bacteria, eases Menstruation
  • Eucalyptus: reduces cough, treats dry scalp
  • Tea Tree: treat acne/pimples, anti-bacterial
  • Lemon: rich in anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory
  • Grapefruit: treat oily skin, reduce stress and lower blood pressure
  • Jasmine: prevents infections, reduces scarring
  • Patchouli: boosts the immune system,  anti-inflammatory

If you are on the go, or not yet convinced of replacing your scented candles with an oil diffuser- try this other great technique.

Place a few drops of your preferred essential oil flavor in your hands. Rub your hands together and gently warm up the oil between your palms. Cup your hands over your nose and mouth. Take a deep breath inhaling all the beautiful aromas of the oils that you have released from warming your palms.

It will look, and feel, something like this.


What are your favourite ways to freshen up your home? Drop a comment below and share your ideas on how to keep a home smelling fresh and always feeling like srping.


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Team building
Mar 19

3 Team Building Activities Your Employees Will Love


Oh, the semi-annual company retreat.

An effort made by spritely HR staff for employees to escape from the office, rekindle the bonds between desks and create a more effective and collaborative working environment. While George and Janette are simply bubbling with excitement, you can’t help but notice a few in the office who just roll their eyes at the thought of ‘mandatory fun’. Planning a fun team building event that everyone will love can be hard, but not impossible. Corporate team building activities can be fun and a great way to get to know your desk mate a little bit better.

Here are 3 fun team building ideas that your coworkers will actually love.


1. Wine tasting and Cocktail Making


Cocktail Making


Really, who doesn’t want a drink after work? But instead of listening to George brag about his semi-professional golf tournament during happy hour, give someone else the mic while sipping on your drink. Host a Cocktail Making or Wine Tasting at the office or in a unique venue space for your company retreat or event.

Your coworkers will love the chance to play around with spirits and mixers while learning about their favorite concoctions. Even better, since it is a class, the instructor will be doing a lot of the heavy lifting in the group discussion. Now you won’t have to worry about anyone dominating the whole conversation (ehem, George).

Listen to the sweet voice of your instructor while she explains to you the fruity and oaky notes in your favorite 2015 Pinot Noir or aged bourbon. This easy team building activity is simple to plan, mobile and bound to crack some smiles. Some of our favourite classes are held by Excel Activity Group, Dandelion Events, Fizz and Flute, and Peak Wine (not to mention they are available to bring the experience straight to you).  


2. Escape Room


murder mystery



We promise, it will be more fun than you think. While, yes, the idea of being ‘trapped’ in a small room with your coworkers for 60+ min, solving logic problems can sound a bit like, well the meeting room, escape rooms are actually much more enjoyable than you might imagine. Once the doors shut, your instincts kick in and you watch everyone bring out the best of their problem-solving skills.

Escape rooms give each employee a chance to shine and show off their smarts. The variety of riddles and puzzles always require different approaches and perspectives of thinking. Meaning those Sudoku games you’ve been working on during lunch are finally paying off.

 If you’re not a fan of the ‘escape’ room, how about an ‘entrance’ room? Just an hour outside of London, Puzzle Party House is a unique company team building venue where you must solve the puzzles and riddles to find the keys and enter the house. This venue is ideal for those looking for UK corporate venues in the South East. Even better? Once you’ve completed the task, you and your coworkers will be treated to a glass of champagne and 3-course meal prepared by a personal chef! The complete package wrapped up in one.  


3. Target Sports




If tensions in the office have been getting a little high, this is the perfect way to let loose and reconnect. Give everyone in the office a chance to blow off some steam and aim for the bullseye! Target sports are a relaxing, unique and fun corporate team building activity idea that everyone will enjoy. Try something new such as archery, clay shooting or even crossbow shooting! This will give each employee a chance to focus and center themselves a bit while taking away the stress in an alternative way.

Archery is one of our favourite easy corporate team building activities since it is easy to plan and fun to participate in. If time is an issue, not to worry! Many activity providers, such as Dandelion Events, happen to bring the experience right at your doorstep. Using a bow and arrow is a challenging and exciting way to test your skills and learn something new. Let your employees mingle between shots and watch as they all aim for the goal!


For more inspiration on your next team building event, visit our Activities and Ideas page! Browse through all of our amazing partners and providers for fun and new ways to shake things up at the office. 


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march giveaway
Mar 08

Win the Perfect Hen or Stag Party Activity


Looking for an unforgettable experience filled with laughter, friends and great dance moves? Well, here’s your chance! EpicMe and Party Houses are partnering up to offer you a £50 Voucher on your next party booking. Grab your friends and shake it while you learn all your favorite dance moves and tricks, from death drops to jazz hands. EpicMe is an all exclusive entertainment service that specialises in Dance Party Classes, Events, Hen & Stag Parties and Live Entertainment and will always make sure you #leavefeelingepic.


What do I win?

Take £50 off on your next party booking with EpicMe! Chose from a range of fun and exciting hen & stag activities available.  You will always have a great time with experienced dance instructors and excited tour guides. Each activities package includes everything you need so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Here are some of the amazing services you can select with your next booking!


Life Drawing Class

Get in touch with your artistic side and bring our your inner DaVinci. 

  • 1hour and 30 mins Class
  • 1x Male Life Model
  • Drawing Materials
  • Artistic Tips
  • Photo opportunity
  • Bottle of Prosecco

RuPaul Experience

Calling all queens!  It’s time to,  Lip.  Sync.  For.  Your. life! We could all use a little drag in our life, so you why not have some to your next party? Bring the hit TV show phenomenon into your own home and be a real queen for a day! 

  • 1hour and 30 mins RuPaul Realness
  • RuPaul Party Host
  • Vogue/Death drops and Catwalk
  • Rupaul Lipsync Battle
  • Fierce Choreography and Dance Tricks
  • Video & Photo Final Dance opportunity
  • Bottle of Prosecco

Hen Party Dance Class

Ever wanted to learn how to dance the ‘Single Ladies’? How about those bouncing Bollywood moves? EpicMe offers a huge selection of dance party classes and themes to chose from!

  • 1hour and 30 mins Dance Party Class
  • Over 40 Themed Dance Classes
  • Professional & Qualified Teacher
  • Warm Up & Stretch
  • Official Choreographed Dance Routine
  • Video & Photo Final Dance opportunity
  • Bottle of Prosecco


Dance party with epic me and party houses competition


Bar Crawl Bunnies

Perfect for the Stag Party you will never forget !!! Party with our Beautiful Barcrawl Bunnies, who will show you around the best Bars and Clubs. As your own Personal Barmaid, you will also get Free Entry, Free Shots and Reserved Area.

  • 4 hours Guided Barcrawl
  • 1-4 Barcrawl Bunnies Hostess (depending on group size)
  • Personal Waitress service
  • 3 Bars & 1 Nightclub
  • Free Nightclub Entry
  • Free Shots & Reserved Area
  • Games and Full Party Experience


How do I enter?

It’s easy! All you need to do is enter your details in our submission form below. The lucky winner will be announced next month and receive an email with their prize! The voucher is redeemable for £50 on your next booking with EpicMe. Hen & Stag Parties won’t want to miss this!


Sign up to Party Houses Newsletter and receive great last minute offers, be first to know about new Party Houses and compete in our wonderful monthly competitions!


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bank holiday ideas
Mar 04

Bank Holiday Weekend Inspiration in 2019


The spring is ‘springing’ on us faster than we thought. (Not that we’re complaining.) But as the jackets come off and the sunglasses come on, we are scrambling to make plans for the upcoming bank holiday weekend. Don’t worry just yet, there is still plenty of time left to plan. If you are still looking for some inspiration or haven’t even realised the holidays were upon us, we’ve gathered a list of bank holiday ideas in 2019 just for you to help you plan those upcoming free days.


✈️ Welcome to flight M-E-2-0-1-9




With new budget airlines popping up throughout the globe, the competition for attracting customers is higher which means, the prices of airfare are getting lower. (Lucky us 😉) You’ve been dreaming about that sunny beachside villa on the coast of Spain for far too long. Now is the time to make the dream a reality this bank holiday weekend. Keep an eye out for special deals on budget airlines like Ryan Air, Vueling, and Easyjet. We thought we’d take a quick gander at some round trip tickets May 4 – 6, from STN to BCN and found flights as little as £62! Well, now it looks like you’ve got extra room in your budget for even more sangria & paella.


Bonus tip:

Airlines don’t want you to know this secret, but we’re going to tell you anyways. The price of flight tickets is always cheapest on Tuesdays & Wednesdays. So, if your schedule allows it, try to book your flight back home on that Tuesday morning before work. You can also download airfare apps such as Hopper or Skyscanner to help you find the best deals. Simply create an alert for your destinations they will let you know when airfare rates have changed and even predict when is the best time to book.


🏠 Bank Holiday #Staycation




Some of us might not be able to take that getaway trip to the Maldives – but that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve a relaxing holiday. Treat yourself to a lovely ‘staycation’. In essence, a Staycation is a combination of vacationing and staying at home but don’t think of this as just some ‘time off’. A staycation is all about maximizing your available time right in the comfort of your own home. Use this opportunity (not to do more chores and tasks) but to indulge in the things you really love and want to do. Give yourself a little TLC, find a spa resort nearby to unwind in, soak in a warm bath and open a nice book. How about taking those painting classes you’ve been wanting to try? Reflect on the things you really enjoy and give yourself the holiday you deserve.


🇬🇧 There’s no place like home




Don’t forget about the beauty of your home. Well, we don’t mean your actual home (that’s a staycation.  See above ↑ .) in this case, we mean your home country. The UK has an abundance of beautiful and exciting places to explore and many within driving distance. What we love is the opportunity to get a taste of a new city and get to immerse yourself into beautiful landscapes. Here are some of our favourite sights for nature lovers and metropolitan hubs for our city slickers perfect for exploring during Easter or May bank holiday weekend 2019.


 🌲 UK Nature





In the south of the UK, lies a rural region filled with rolling hills and medieval villages. Take a walk through time and discover Roman baths, hidden castles, and secret gardens during your spring bank holiday. Just outside of Bristol and only a 1.5-hour drive from Birmingham the Cotswolds is filled with charm and surprises. Gather your friends and family and spend a few nights in a countryside home. We suggest a 2-night stay at the rustic Ivystone HouseThis well-preserved home reminds you every morning of the charm of the Cotswolds.


Peak District

peak district

We like to say that the Peak District is the heart of the UK – maybe because it holds such a rich history, was the UK’s first national park, or simply because it’s right in the centre. While the Peak District also holds spectacular mountain views and breathtaking valleys what we really love about this area are all the fun activities available. Everything from rock climbing, horseback riding, hiking, and target sports can be found within the area. We love the location Roaches Hall since most activities are within a short driving distance. For those who want to bring the activities home, take a look a Kington Lodge. With a private outdoor pool, an indoor squash court and a huge yard area you’ll feel right at home.  





No, that’s actually not the Mediterranean. But with a name like ‘The Jurrasic Coast,’ it sure does sound like an exotic location. On the southern tip of the UK, Dorset is famous for its miles of colorful coastlines and intricate rock formations, also known as the Jurrasic Coast. This is a perfect location for you to spend time by the sea and soak up the salty air and sunshine. This region has plenty of beautiful seaside views as well as more inland natural parks. Browse through their website for even more family fun bank holiday ideas. If you’re looking to stay nearby, take a look at Woodside Barn for 10 – 14 guests.


🏙️ UK Cities




Call us cliche, but we can’t resist putting London on the list. London is a timeless, lively city filled with art, culture, and history that we simply can’t resist. What makes this cosmopolitan city so special are the seemingly endless amount of things to do with something for everyone. We love checking out TimeOut London for updates of events and activities happening around the city. No matter what your interest or energy you’ll find a place where you feel you belong. From the posh pavements of Kensington to the grungy streets of Shoreditch, London is truly a place like no other. If you’d also love to host a BBQ with your family and friends this bank holiday weekend in central London, Canary Yacht is a great idea for a fresh, out-of-the-box venue.





Quaint but colourful, this hilly Scottish capital is filled with fun. Edinburgh is home to entertainment, history and plenty of fun pubs to chose from. We love the energy and spirit the city is bursting with. There is something quite unique and special about this city, and it might be the cities castle on the hill. (*cue Ed Sheeran*) This city is a great place to connect with friends and spend valuable time together. Why not plan your bank holiday here with the gals & pals? Book a great central accommodation with plenty of space for everyone. Discover the bars and restaurants just across the street and dance the night away.


No matter what you choose to do during your holidays, here are Party Houses we are wishing plenty of good memories, lots of smiles and plenty of magical moments.  


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Feb 20

Why it’s time to reconnect with nature


Get back in touch with Mother Earth

Our bodies are composed of the same minerals and nutrients that the earth is composed of so, it’s only natural we make time to reconnect with the great outdoors and appreciate the environment around us. In today’s world, it is easy for us to get caught up in our daily routine surrounded by concrete pavements and the newest shiny technological advancement. Only when you take the time to step out of the city and take in a breath of fresh air, do you realise you need to ‘get in touch with nature’ (and less with a touchscreen). Let this be a little reminder for you to take the time to reconnect with mother earth and spend some time appreciating nature.



The proof is in the puddle:

Countless studies have been made that show the incredible mental and physical health benefits from getting your daily dose of nature. Everything from reducing stress, improving memory skills, boosting energy, enhancing creativity, even reducing the risk of diabetes can be the result of surrounding yourself with trees, lakes, and mountains.

Ever notice how that one friend who just loves to hike is always bouncing with energy and creativity? There’s science behind that state of mind and much of it has to do with feeling grounded with the great outdoors. One study has even developed the theory ‘grounding’ which claims that direct skin contact with the earth can build up a positive charge in the body, an electric-like buzz. While the debate continues around this theory, we are sure the feeling of sand between your toes or grass tickling the soles of your feet will definitely create a tingling sensation.


peak district


Getting Started:

Unsure of where to start your journey to reconnect? Look up. Look down. Look around. While observing the environment around you, ask yourself critical questions that help you appreciate the depth of the planet. Ever think about the elements that compose a cloud? When you look at the sunset how many colours do you see? How do the mountains get so high? When you create a train of thoughts you discover more about the earth than you ever imagined.

If you are limited to time or distance, there are always ways to feel close to nature. If you can’t get out into nature, bring it inside. Buy a new plant (our favourite are cacti and succulents due to their low maintenance care) and let it fill your room with new oxygen and life. Make your new household member a daily project. Give it the same love as you would yourself. Besides, the new cactus is made up of the same elements you are.

Believe it or not, sometimes Netflix is the answer. If you don’t quite feel inspired to get up and go out, try turning to the big screen. Watch one of the many Netflix documentaries on nature and natural phenomenons to get you motivated to experience the real deal. BBC’s Blue Planet and Planet Earth are an obvious choice and are sure to fill you with excitement. It’s hard not to shed a tear when you watch a crystal blue Hawaiian wave curling in the sunset with David Attenborough poetically describing the immense power of the ocean. *Goosebumps*



Ok, I’m inspired. Now what?:

Great! Now that you are ready to reconnect with mother earth, here are a few ideas to spark your connection. Enjoying your time outdoors is even better with friends and family. Why not plan a weekend holiday and escape city life together? The possibilities are endless, especially if time nor distance is limited. Keep an eye out for budget flights to new places and explore the landscape of foreign places like the Mediterranean, Scandinavia or the Balkans.

While a flight to Spain or an African safari might be a bit far, you can still experience new and exciting sceneries right in your backyard. Recently, the winner was announced of a UK national park photography contest. The entries are truly spectacular and there are quite a few surprises on the list. We were inspired by the colourful landscapes the UK has to offer. Take a drive to your nearest national park and discover the incredible nature within your homeland.




If you are still in need of a nature escape, Party Houses has plenty of beautiful houses nestled within some incredible natural landscapes. Many of our houses have breathtaking views and are the perfect outlet for getting in one with nature again. Whether you are hosting a wellness retreat, letting the kids enjoy the great outdoors, or simply planning time to spend with friends and family, check out some of our stunning venues. For a seaside weekend, explore Tenby Manor or Meadfoot Bay. For those who want to spend more time strolling in the Garden, explore Bradwell Country House or maybe Victorian Rectory.


For more information on any of our houses, please email [email protected] and one of our friendly agents will be happy to help you.


Happy exploring!


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