Top Hen Party Tips

Over the past 12 years we have hosted lots of fabulous hen parties, with guests from across the UK and beyond, to enjoy a unique and memorable weekend in the beautiful Peak District. As such we have put together our top tips for making the hen party a great weekend away with the girls!


What a fabulous opportunity to get all the girls together! Hen parties are always a lot of fun, especially when booked with various activities that all the ladies can enjoy together. Enjoy a spa treatment, opt-in for laugh-filled knickers decorating, cocktail making, make your own music video, or test your skills at various outdoor activities.

1 – Get the Hen’s input

Of course you should begin by finding out what the main hen is interested in doing, or not doing! Draw together a list of ideas, activities and locations that the hen would love to enjoy.

2 – Put together the guest list

Draw up the list of the key people to be invited, ask the hen about any decisions regarding invitations (should the Mum in law be on the list?). Make sure to note down any food or accessibility preferences. Decide at this point how you are going to finance your hen party. Do you want to ask for contributions, and how can you be fair to those who perhaps have a tighter budget?

3 – Getting the right venue

Discuss with the hen what type of location the venue should be set in. Is she looking for a city break or a countryside retreat? Aim to have it somewhere where all the guests can meet easily. Then look at the venue layout, making sure there is enough space for everyone to get together under one roof! Check on the venue snippet on the right-hand side of the venue to ensure they accept hen parties and book well in advance as more often than not, places get booked up fast!

4 – Who’s in charge of what?

Feel free to delegate some of the tasks, with so much to coordinate it makes sense everyone gets a task from food, drinks, activities, surprises etc.

5 – Hire a caterer and take the night off!

We always recommend to our hen guests to bring in a caterer. Not only will they come to your venue, cook and serve a stunning 3-course meal, they will also wash up and clean up after themselves. You can even bring your own drink, so it’s much better value than a restaurant.

6 – Do the food shopping online

Like all our Party Houses, most venues will be able to have large supermarkets or smaller local providers deliveries to them. Save yourself the hassle of carting it all in the car and have it delivered fresh to your venue.

7 – Quick personalisation with balloons

Arrive one hour before the hen and set up the venue with balloons or flowers.  A cheap but effective way for making a happy entrance!

8 – Learn something new

Most venues such as Party Houses will have the option for multiple activities to learn something new. Why not bring in a cocktail maker for example? That way you and the fellow hens can have a laugh whilst learning some new tricks to show off at your next party! We work with many fantastic activity providers that you can choose from so scroll through list of activities and get inspired.

9 – Try something unique

With so much available, truly surprise your guests with an activity that they would never have done before, from sky-diving to potholing, or for the more relaxed options, falconry or archery.

10 – Communicate with your venue

Always feel free to ask your venue for any advice, suggestions and tips on organising the perfect hen party. Like us, they should be more than happy to help!

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Midland Hot Tub Hire

Midland Hot Tub Hire have over a decade of experience in the hot tub rental industry. They specialise in the Peak District and work with care in a high quality and timely manner. Hot tub hire is a great idea for a number of parties ranging from family retreats, hen and stag parties, barbecues, relaxing retreats, and more.

Hen Party Artistry

Discover the inner artist in you while cracking jokes with your favourite ladies! Hen Party Artistry is here to give you a life drawing experience – drawing a nude human figure standing in front of you. The activity starts with a complimentary glass of prosecco to loosen you up, followed by a professional tutor helping you to draw an attractive life model, male or female. All materials will be provided and you will be able to choose your own background music. An hour and a half into the activity, there will be a break to grab some cocktails and enjoy the party. This activity works for hen parties, birthday parties and other fun-filled retreats.

The Bartender at Home

Since being established in 2005, The Bartender at Home has been providing great cocktails to parties and events all around the UK. Their aim is not only to share the knowledge or their charismatic mixologists with your party, but to entertain with drinks and leave you not with a hangover, but with a memorable weekend! They offer three main packages; the all-inclusive package perfect for pre-going out drinks, such as Cocktail Clinic, Cocktail Chemistry, and other exciting workshop that will take your cocktail game to a whole new level. The prices of these unique cocktail events start from just £30 per person.


Stir up your stay at your Party House with the Go-Experience! You can choose from a whole range of activities such as Cocktail Making, Homeparty Dance Classes, and Making your own home pop-video.

Perfect for hen and stag and dos, team-building events, and everyone else who want to make their stay incredibly fun and keep a memorabilia of it too! Offering entertainment nation-wide, Go-Experience team will gladly travel to your Party House and organise a tailored activity for you.

Sauced Here – Peak District

Sauced Here is a great alternative to generic supermarkets delivering fresh produce from local farmers while supporting the local economy. There’s a great range of over 1200 products available from more than 40 best local suppliers. You’ll be able to choose from a range of baskets and the team of Sauced Here will pick up your ingredients and drop them off the same day at your Party House at a time convenient for you!