Top Family Party Tips

Over the past 12 years we have hosted lots of family parties, with guests from across the UK and beyond, to enjoy a unique and memorable weekend in the beautiful Peak District. As such we have put together our top tips for making the family party a great weekend away with your loved ones!


1 – Health and Safety

Not always your first thought when booking a holiday, but do give it some thought.

Does the venue have swimming pools, ponds or other obvious dangers?

Is it situated away from main roads?

Dies it have Carbon Monoxide and fire detection fitted, etc.?

 2 – Helpful Accessories

You have so much to pack when travelling with children!  A little help goes a long way.  Check that your venue can provide highchairs, cots, baby baths, little stools so youngsters can reach the bathroom sink etc.

 3 – Book ahead

Get the best deals and most venue choice by booking as far ahead as possible.

 4  – Choose your venue

Make sure that there is a big enough space to enjoy being together and dining together (and to be separate when required).  Check that the bedroom configuration meets the needs of everyone in your extended family or group.  Is the kitchen big enough and well stocked for your group?

It is harder travelling with kids, so consider venues that are not too far away.  It is much more joyous to spend time together as a family at your chosen venue, than it an airport or on a motorway.

 5 – Plan things to do in advance of travelling

Check out that there are activities close to your venue that you want.  At Party Houses we can help with lots of ideas, including for family friendly free days out.

Ask your children for their input.  They will love giving their ideas and enjoy their holiday even more.

 6 – Involve other guests

Do consider your other guests,  Before booking, agree how to share tasks (such as babysitting), who pays for what and how much time you want to spend together (plus what sort of activities you would want to share).

7 – Plan some treats

Children can get tired easily and we all know that tired equals teary!  Plan your holiday so they have some down time (maybe an hour of their favourite DVD?).  Routines often change on holiday, so pack some snacks to keep them going through a longer day, or to distract them when you check in or want to pack to leave.

 8 – Keep the children comfortable

For very small children, pack something familiar – their own blanket or bedding, bowl and spoon and favourite book or toy.  For older kids let them bring their iPad or favourite game.  They really are unlikely to want to spend all their waking hours talking to their great aunty, however lovely she is!

Don’t forget any medicines and a first aid kit for those little emergencies.

 9 – Plan your journey

Try to avoid peak time traffic.  Check AA Roadwatch before leaving to see any holdups in live time.

Consider leaving just after a meal and plan plenty of breaks (but try not to stop when the children have fallen asleep).

For those being potty trained, pack some “Piddle Pads’ seat liners to protect from en-route accidents.

10 – Delegate

Group holidays are far more fun if you can share the work.  Allocate someone to research venues, someone else to be treasurer, yet another to organise activities or buy food, etc..  Remember that you can have a brilliant time too – so why not book a spa treatment to come to your chosen Party House?  Or invite in a Chef ? Or have a barrel of real ale delivered?