Top Corporate Event Tips

Find below some of our suggestions for making sure you can organise a corporate event in a stress free manner!


1 – Objectives

This is the most important part of the process!  What problem are you trying to solve?   For example are you looking to create new ideas, bring your team closer together, improve motivation or get buy-in to corporate ideas?  Agree objectives and prioroitse them before beginning any other planning.

 2 – Consult and Set Tasks

Decide who to trust to organise your event.   Can you share the workload as part of a team building exercise?  Eg Social part of the agenda can be allocated to a different person than the hire of equipment or venue selection for example.

3 – Set a Budget

Be realistic.  Include the extras such as travel, and whilst it may not be on your spreadsheet, also think about the opportunity cost of being out of the business and who will be available for urgent matters back at the ranch.

Explore options – the classic hotel is not the only choice (Party Houses are great value v hotel delegate rates!)

4- Set date and duration

How long do you need to achieve your objectives?

Is a day long enough? An evening and overnight stay provides a more relaxed atmosphere which is great for strengthening team spirit

Be flexible on dates to get the best prices from venues and suppliers

Book as far in advance as possible to get the best choice of venues.

5 – Choose a great venue

Think broadly about what sort of venue would be ideal for your event.  Do you want top luxury as a reward or somewhere practical and cost effective?

Can everyone reach it easily? Don’t waste time travelling when you could be doing something together usefully.

Does it have the break out spaces and outside space you want?

Can you have exclusive use or do you have to share the bar/restaurant etc (not great when you have confidential corporate discussions to be had!)?

How flexible are the food and beverage arrangements (can you bring your own alcohol – potentially saving a bit part of your budget)

 6 – Invite the right delegates

Be ruthless in your invite list.  Only invite those relevant and who will contribute.  No hangers-on for a jolly and no status seekers!

7 – Create a productive and compelling agenda

Corporate delegates can be a cynical bunch.  Many have already undertaken standard team building tasks involving some games.  Think outside the box and find a venue that can accommodate you. (Party Houses previous corporate guests have even milked cows!).

Ensure there is plenty of time for everyones views to be heard.  Finish with a summary and time to allocate follow up- tasks.

 8 – Employ a strong facilitator

Getting this wrong can ruin your event!

Your facilitator needs skill, a strong character and experience in negotiating, managing pace, drawing conclusions and handling tricky delegates..

 9 – Listen

There is little point in bringing your team together to tackle challenges unless you are prepared to listen to their ideas.

Encourage and value input from the most junior members of your team.

Mix up hierarchies and staff from different departments to generate fresh perspectives and ideas.

 10 – Follow Up

Protect your investment!  Cherish the valuable outputs from your get together.

Undertake evaluation

Set actions and task owners

Follow up ideas

Report back

Justify the investment.

Share progress over the following months and show how the ideas are being implemented.

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