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Why Party Houses?

There is something rather special in having a unique space all just for you and your guests. Our exclusive venues will not only provide you with undisturbed privacy, but you’ll also be able to enjoy uniquely designed reception rooms, comfy bedrooms, and various entertainment features.

Imagine your next family holiday in a beautiful setting while exploring the great outdoors together. Organising a big celebration? Your Party House was designed to host groups to enjoy spacious reception areas, double kitchens, and your very own private gardens made for hosting barbecues. Or treat your colleagues to an inspiring team-building event, use the reception rooms for your meetings and then go and enjoy amusing and bonding activities onsite and in the local area.

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Party Houses welcomed our first guests back in 2004.  Since then we have welcomed over 100,000 guests – many several times over! 

Our team is experienced in larger groups get-togethers, meaning we understand the complexities and joys of a organising a great get-away. Not only will we make it our priority to work with you personally, but we’ll also provide you with a number of tips, ideas, and activities. We want to inspire you, ease the organisational hassle of a big group event, and ensure you and your guests have a wonderful stay.

Not sure what you’re looking for? Just give us a call and our agents will be more than happy to find something that will fit you perfectly.

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Hamps Hall & Barn

Great Quality and Value

Party Houses offer great venues specially designed for large groups to get away together. Whether it’s finding the right venue, activities for you and your loved ones to enjoy together, or inspiring you with quality content on how to organise an unforgettable stay, we’ll be always pleased to speak to you!

All our Party Houses were designed for big groups and with quality and your experience in mind. Whether it’s the cosy bedrooms, big and bright reception rooms, private gardens, or fully equipped kitchens, we have made it our priority to create space for you and your loved ones to create magical memories together.

Party Houses range from Jacobean Halls, to converted barns and cottages, to grand Victorian gentleman’s residences – each unique, and full of character to add a special flavour to your gathering. Yet we ensure that they all come at a great value for our guests.

Wonderful Locations

Most of our Party Houses are situated in lovely rural locations and come with their own private outdoor space. These venues give a perfect opportunity to relax and take a break from the busy city life. If you’re looking for a night out, you’ll be glad to know that we also have venues in various cities.

We started off with incredible venues in the Midlands and the Peak District in the heart of England. Now we have a number of wonderful venues across the UK, offering diversity and comfort, adventure and a home away from home. Make sure to take a look at our venues located in the South East, South WestWales and Scotland.


Furthermore, as we wish to offer you venues that are comfortable and welcoming for everyone, we’re constantly ensuring that our venues are well accessible, as well as suitable for children of all ages. Most of our houses will also welcome your pets so take a look through our selection of Party Houses and find the right place for you and those closest to you. Whether you’re traveling from far away, exploring the stunning landscape of the UK or just want a house that’s conveniently located close to your home, we have the Party House for you!

We also welcome both hen and stag parties! You can check if a venue allows your group type by taking a look at the snippet on the right hand side of the venue page.


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Plenty to do – rain or shine!

There is so much to do locally.  See our Year Round Calendar, Introduction to the Peak District, or our many web pages on specialist activities.  Please call us if you want further ideas or itinerary suggestions for your own party. You can find on our Activities and Ideas section a range of further suggestions to keep everyone busy.


Local Suppliers

You will find on this site links to lots of local suppliers recommended by previous guests to make your break even more special. See the Extras section and take a look at Activities and Ideas section with numerous inspirations and local providors!

If there is something you are looking for and you can’t find it on our website, just give us a call us and we will do our best to help.


All welcome

We strongly believe that you should be able to invite all your chosen guests. Where architecture allows, we build ground floor bedrooms and wet rooms for guests with less mobility. See our section on accessibility for full details of the Party Houses structure.  We can lend you ramps, shower stools or even a Deafguard for those hard of hearing so they can be alerted (via lights and vibration) should the fire alarms go off.  We take health and safety very seriously and for this reason you will find your Party House equipped with fire alarm systems and, in most cases, emergency lighting.

We also welcome your dogs and other pets (although some venues might have a small extra charge to ensure the housekeepers have enough time to ensure no hairs are left behind for future guests).


Meet the Team


Edward (Operations)  – if you are looking for a venue in the Peak District, Ed is the one you’ll want to speak to. Raised up in the Midlands area, Christopher knows the venues, the local area, and different activities inside out and will do his best to make your stay an unforgettable one.

Maja (Strategic Partnerships) – if you are searching for a venue around the UK, want to see what’s out there and get inspired, you’ll want to speak to Maja. Having a personal relationship with the property owners on our website, she’ll do her best to help you find the right venue for you and your loved ones.

Johanna (Business Development) – would you like to sign up your venue with us? Or perhaps like more information about a particular venue? Johanna will be happy to provide you with all the information you need.

Georgia (Customer Relations / Business Development) – always happy to provide you with wonderful suggestions for your next stay. Georgia also supports us in our business development efforts and is creating valuable partnerships and bringing in beautiful houses to be added to our portfolio.

Zaid (Marketing) – the star of our marketing team. Zaid creates valuable content for our guests, beautiful venue profiles for venue owners, and takes care of our social media and newsletter endeavours.



Becky (Housekeeping) – being a part of Party Houses for many years now, Becky continues to inspire our venues with her fresh ideas. She’s also the one that warmly welcomes our guests at their Peak District Party House.

Katie (Guest Experience Manager) – Nikki spends her time making sure the quality of Party Houses is up to that which you would expect.  She loves meeting guests and also changing the colour of our bedroom walls!

Neil (Maintenance) – As you can imagine Party Houses take a lot of maintaining to keep them up to our high standards.  Neil cares deeply about his work and always finds a way of solving every maintenance challenge we have!  He has worked with Party Houses for over 8 years and so he knows and loves our houses as much as we do.

Marcus (Gardener) – Marcus is the lucky gentleman who makes our gardens look beautiful.  Many of our gardens were built from scratch by Marcus from original meadows.